Market Data Unfair Advantage Posting Status Robert 2016

Error messages: Assertion failed:FileDate==UPC Date, file D:\uasrc\New UA\parse Download, cpp, line 308

Dear Customer,

in case you experienced the following error message, you’ll need to upgrade/switch to the latest Unfair Advantage version and/or build.
Unfortunately, we are unable to debug the older Unfair Advantage versions.

Note: Please double check your version before upgrading!!! ( select HELP –> click ABOUT UA… )

For Unfair Advantage version 2.7.6 – 2.9.3 please use the following link to upgrade to the latest build.

Older Unfair Advantage versions need to install the latest Unfair Advantage version 2.10.7.
Click here for the download link and install/reinstall instructions.

The CSI Technical Support Team