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History Files for Unfair Advantage

The database format before 2.4.0 is different from the current format. Please do not try to update the database for an older version with a new format file. Files are updated each night. Enter CSI/UA number that appears in the data manager, select whether the series is a stock and/or an option, and press collect.

CSI Num:
Is a Stock?
Market Type:

We recompress the database files nightly and copy them to the website in the morning. Please save the collected files to “c:\ua\archives\c\n\00000000.DB” (Commodity number replaces the 0’s in the above filename) if a normal commodity, c\o for commodity options, c\pc for commodity put/call totals, s\n for stocks, s for stock split files, s\o for stock options, and s\pc for stock put/call totals.