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Format Specifications

CSV Format: 

Specifications for daily/history files downloaded through the FTP site, web scripts, or WebCSI.

Last updated March 4,2008.

Word Document: CSV Format.doc (51k)


History CSV Format:

Specifications for bulk history files ordered from CSI.

Last updated June 10th, 2006.

Word Document: History Format.doc (22k)


CSI Basic Data Format: 

Description of the CSI basic data files. For programmers that need to read or write QuickTrieve format data.

Last updated January 12th, 1999.

Standard ASCII Text file: newqtfmt.txt (17k)


CSIM Metastock Extension Format:

Description of Y2K Metastock extension data format. For programmers that need to read or write CSIM format files.

Last updated January 15th, 1999.

Standard ASCII Text file: csim.txt (11k)