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Exchange Footnotes

NYMEX ACCESS was NYMEX’s after-hours electronic trading platform launched in 1993. In August 2006, all futures contracts on ACCESS migrated to CME Globex and were delisted from ACCESS in August 2007.
Alberta Stock Exchange merged with the Vancouver Stock Exchange to form the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX) in 1999. CDNX was acquired by the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2001 and renamed to TSX Venture Exchange in 2002.
MidAmerica Commodities Exchange offered smaller size commodity futures contracts than comparable exchanges. It permanently closed in 2004 and its contracts became “mini” contracts at the CBoT.
Montreal Stock Exchange changed it’s name to Montreal Exchange in 1982. It traded equities in addition to derivatives until 1999 when equities trading was transferred to TSX and Canadian Venture Exchange. TSX Group acquired ME in 2007.