Markets in exchange: Australian Securities Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
225YT110-Year Australian Govt Bond (6%)-(rounded #381)
228YBA90 Day Australian Bank Bills
231YTT3-Year Australian Govt Bond (6%)
232YAPSPI 200 Index
232YAPSydney SPI 200 Index (S&P)
316NBB90 Day New Zealand Bank Bills
332NGV3-Year New Zealand Govt Stock
333NGB10-Year New Zealand Govt Stock
381YTC10-Year Australian Govt Bond (6%)
614YB290 Day Australian Bank Bills
615YT23-Year Australian Govt Bond (6%)
616YT310-Year Australian Govt Bond (6%)
728YA2SPI 200 Index
728YA2SPI 200 Index
773NB190-Day NZ Bank Bill
833AIB30-Day Interbank Deposits
1172AI130-Day Interbank
1173AI230-Day Interbank
1385AFBAustralian Feed Barley
1387ASMAustralian Sorghum
1553AWKWest Australian Wheat Milling
1561NB290 Day New Zealand Bank Bills
1682YA1SPI 200
1683YT4Australian Bond 10 Year
1684YR3Australian Bond 3 Year
1685BB0Australian 90 Day Bank Bills
20144AWMEastern Australia Wheat
20198LTY20 Year Australian Treasury Bond
20199LT220 Year Australian Treasury Bond
20200LT120 Year Australian Treasury Bond
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.