Markets in exchange: Bolsa de Mercadorias & Futuros (Sao Paulo)

CSI NumSymbolDescription
391INDIbovespa Index-BMF
391INDIbovespa Index-BMF Cash
393CFCArabica Coffee-BMF
394DIJOne Day Bank Deposits-BMF
395DOLUS Dollar (Comm.)-BMF
972DI2Bank Deposits 1 Day as Rate-BMF
1381BGILive Cattle BRL
1494WINIbovespa Index Mini
1495WDLUS Dollar Mini -BMF
1531DDIID x USD Spread
1532OC1One-Day Repurchase Agreements (OC1)
1560DI3One Day Bank Deposits (5 decimal places)
1720SFBCash Settled Soybean-BMF
1743CFBCash Settled Corn-BMF
1812DI41 Day Bank Deposits as Rate-BMF
1816ISPBVMF S&P 500 Index
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.