Markets in exchange: Chicago Mercantile Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
2LCCattle-Live-CME Cash
4LHHogs-Lean-CME Cash
5PBPork Bellies-CME Cash
23MPMexican Peso-CME
23MPMexican Peso-CME Cash
25SFSwiss Franc-CME
25SFSwiss Franc-CME Cash
26BPBritish Pound-CME
26BPBritish Pound-CME Cash
27LBLumber-CME Cash
33FCCattle-Feeder-CME Cash
41TBT-Bill-U.S. 3 Mth-CME
41TBT-Bill-U.S. 3 Mth-CME Cash
64CDCanadian Dollar-CME
64CDCanadian Dollar-CME Cash
65JYJapanese Yen-CME
65JYJapanese Yen-CME Cash
66ADAustralian Dollar-CME
66ADAustralian Dollar-CME Cash
96BR9Broilers-Frozen-CME Cash
99NKNikkei 225 Index-CME
99NKNikkei 225 Index-CME Cash
102RLRussell 2000 Index-CME Cash
104MDS&P MidCap 400 Index-CME
104MDS&P MidCap 400 Index-CME Cash
127SF2Swiss Franc-CME
128BP2British Pound-CME
129CD2Canadian Dollar-CME
141EDEurodollar-3 Mth-Globex-CME
141EDEurodollar-3 Mth-Globex-CME Cash
142EMLIBOR(1Mth)-CME Cash
149SPS&P 500 Index-CME
149SPS&P 500 Index-CME Cash
192SXS&P 100 Index-CME Cash
258BCMajor Market Index-CME Cash
262JY2Japanese Yen-CME
265AD2Australian Dollar-CME
266GIGoldman Sachs Commodity-(s)-CME
266GIGoldman Sachs Commodity-CME Cash
269ED2Eurodollar-3 Mth-CME
278MP2Mexican Peso-CME
290SP2S&P 500-CME
355BRBrazilian Real-CME
355BRBrazilian Real-CME Cash
401SGS&P 500 BARRA Growth Index-CME
401SGS&P 500 BARRA Growth Index-CME Cash
402SUS&P 500 BARRA Value Index-CME
402SUS&P 500 BARRA Value Index-CME Cash
403DKMilk-Class IV-CME
403DKMilk-Class IV-CME Cash
404DAMilk-Class III Fluid-CME
404DAMilk-Class III Fluid-CME Cash
429NDNasdaq 100 Index /10 -CME
429NDNasdaq 100 Index /10 -CME Cash
449SP10S&P 500 Index Divided by 10-CME
449SP10S&P 500 Index Divided by 10-CME Cash
450RPEuro/British Pound-CME
450RPEuro/British Pound-CME Cash
451RYEuro/Japanese Yen-CME
451RYEuro/Japanese Yen-CME Cash
452RFEuro/Swiss Franc-CME
452RFEuro/Swiss Franc-CME Cash
455ND2Nasdaq 100-CME
458RA2South African Rand--CME
458RA2South African Rand-CME Cash
459NE2New Zealand Dollar--CME
459NE2New Zealand Dollar-CME Cash
487ESE-mini S&P 500
487ESS&P 500 Index-E-mini-CME Cash
497NQNasdaq 100 Index-E-mini-CME
497NQNasdaq 100 Index-E-mini Cash
498JTJapanese Yen E-mini -CME
499EXEuro E-mini -CME
519RU2Russian Ruble--CME
519RU2Russian Ruble-CME Cash
524CUEuro-CME Cash
684EMDIndex-S&P Midcap 400 E-mini -CME
684EMDIndex-S&P Midcap 400 E-mini-CME Cash
688GI2Goldman Sachs Commodity-CME
688GI2Goldman Sachs Commodity-CME Cash
698XTS&P Topix 150 Index-CME Cash
711SEKSwedish Krona/US Dollar-CME
711SEKSwedish Krona/US Dollar-CME Cash
712NOKNorwegian Krone/US Dollar-CME
712NOKNorwegian Krone/US Dollar-CME Cash
713ESKEuro/Swedish Krona-CME
713ESKEuro/Swedish Krona-CME Cash
714ENKEuro/Norwegian Kroner-CME
714ENKEuro/Norwegian Kroner-CME Cash
715EADEuro/Australian Dollar-CME
715EADEuro/Australian Dollar-CME Cash
716ECDEuro/Canadian Dollar-CME
716ECDEuro/Canadian Dollar-CME Cash
717CJYCanadian Dollar/Japanese Yen-CME
717CJYCanadian Dollar/Japanese Yen-CME Cash
718ACDAustralian Dollar/Canadian Dollar-CME
718ACDAustralian Dollar/Canadian Dollar-CME Cash
719ANEAustralian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar-CME
719ANEAustralian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar-CME Cash
720AJYAustralian Dollar/Japanese Yen-CME
720AJYAustralian Dollar/Japanese Yen-CME Cash
721PSFBritish Pound/Swiss Franc-CME
721PSFBritish Pound/Swiss Franc-CME Cash
722PJYBritish Pound/Japanese Yen-CME
722PJYBritish Pound/Japanese Yen-CME Cash
723SJYSwiss Franc/Japanese Yen-CME
723SJYSwiss Franc/Japanese Yen-CME Cash
733FINSPCTR-Financial Index-CME Cash
734TECSPCTR-Technology Index-(-CME Cash
736SMCE-Mini S&P 600 Smallcap Index -CME
736SMCE-Mini S&P 600 Smallcap Index-CME Cash
782QCNE-mini Nasdaq Composite Index Futures -CME
782QCNE-mini Nasdaq Composite Index Futures -CME Cash
821BR5Brazilian Real-CME w/5 digits precision
912NK2Nikkei 225 Index-CME
912NK2Nikkei 225 Index-CME Cash
913NIYNikkei 225 Index (Yen)-CME
950PLZPolish Zloty/US Dollar-CME
950PLZPolish Zloty/US Dollar-CME Cash
951EPLEuro/Polish Zloty-CME
951EPLEuro/Polish Zloty-CME Cash
967QQQETF-Nasdaq 100-CME Cash
968SPYETF-S&P Depositary Receipts-CME Cash
969IWMETF-iShares Russell 2000-CME Cash
973CBButter-Cash Settled -CME
1018CUSHousing-Composite Index-CME
1019BOSHousing Index-Boston -CME
1020CHIHousing Index-Chicago -CME
1021DENHousing Index-Denver -CME
1022LAVHousing Index-Las Vegas -CME
1023LAXHousing Index-Las Angeles -CME
1024MIAHousing Index-Miami -CME
1025NYMHousing Index-New York -CME
1026SDGHousing Index-San Diego -CME
1027SFRHousing Index-San Francisco -CME
1028WDCHousing Index-Washington DC -CME
1030BIOE-mini Nasdaq Bio Index-CME
1033GIEGSCI Index Ex. Return -CME
1058KWRKorean Won-CME
1060RASA Rand-CME
1062NENew Zealand Dollar-CME
1064RURX-Russian Ruble-CME
1119ILSIsreali Shekel-CME
1119ILSIsreali Shekel-CME Cash
1120CKOCzech Koruna-CME
1120CKOCzech Koruna-CME Cash
1121ECZCzech Koruna/Euro-CME
1121ECZCzech Koruna/Euro-CME Cash
1122HFOHungarian Forint-CME
1122HFOHungarian Forint-CME Cash
1123EHUHungarian Forint/Euro-CME
1123EHUHungarian Forint/Euro-CME Cash
1136EY2Euroyen -CME
1195DYDry Whey
1221SMPS&P 600 SmallCap - CME
1226NFMilk-Non-Fat Dry -CME
1227DA2Milk-Class III--CME
1229LBABarclay Cap US (Lehman Brothers US Aggregate Index)- CME
1251H1CHDD Atlanta
1252H2CHDD Chicago
1253H3CHDD Cincinnati
1254H4CHDD New York
1255H5CHDD Dallas
1256H6CHDD Philadelphia
1257H7CHDD Portland
1258H8CHDD Tucson
1259H9CHDD Des Moines
1260H0CHDD Las Vegas
1261HKCHDD Detroit
1262HQCHDD Minneapolis
1263HRCHDD Houston
1264HSCHDD Sacramento
1265HACHDD Salt Lake City
1266HVCHDD Baltimore
1267HWCHDD Boston
1268HXCHDD Kansas City
1269K1CCDD Atlanta
1270K2CCDD Chicago
1271K3CCDD Cincinnati
1272K4CCDD New York
1273K5CCDD Dallas
1274K6CCDD Philadelphia
1275K7CCDD Portland
1276K8CCDD Tucson
1277K9CCDD Des Moines
1278K0CCDD Las Vegas
1279KKCCDD Detroit
1280KQCCDD Minneapolis
1281KRCCDD Houston
1282KSCCDD Sacramento
1283KUCCDD Salt Lake City
1284KVCCDD Baltimore
1285KWCCDD Boston
1286KXCCDD Kansas City
1407T3Treasury Note 3 year
1408T32Treasury Note 3 year
1412TRYTurkish Lira
1413TREEuro / Turkish Lira
1414M6BE-Micro GBP / USD
1415M6EE-Micro EUR/USD
1416M6AE-Micro AUD/USD
1417M6JE-Micro USD / JPY
1418M6CE-Micro USD / CAD
1419M6SE-Micro USD / CHF
1513BU22-year Eurodollar Bundle
1514BU33-year Eurodollar Bundle
1515BU55-year Eurodollar Bundle
1663SPDEmini S&P Select Sector Consumer Discrectionary
1664SPSEmini S&P Select Sector Consumer Staples
1665SPEEmini S&P Select Sector Energy
1666SPFEmini S&P Select Sector Financial
1667SPHEmini S&P Select Sector Health Care
1668SPIEmini S&P Select Sector Industrial
1669SPMEmini S&P Select Sector Materials
1670SPTEmini S&P Select Sector Technology
1671SPUEmini S&P Select Sector Utilities
1817MJYE-Micro JPY / USD
1818FSME-Micro CHF / USD
1819MCDE-Micro CAD / USD
1825IBVIbovespa (USD Denominated)
1852MIRE-Micro INR / USD
1855ESLE-Mini S&P 500
1856NQLE-mini Nasdaq 100
1858EMLE-mini S&P Midcap 400
1859NILNikkei 225 (Yen)
1866ENYE-mini Nikkei 225 Index (YEN)
1929MLPS&P Master Limited Partnership (S&P MLP) Index
1960CNHUSD/Offshore RMB(CNH)
0Test 200K 1 at 2
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.