Markets in exchange: Chicago Mercantile Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
2LCLive Cattle -CME
2LCCattle-Live-CME Cash
4LHLean Hogs -CME
4LHHogs-Lean-CME Cash
5PBPork Bellies-CME Cash
23MPMexican Peso -CME
23MPMexican Peso-CME Cash
25SFSwiss Franc -CME
25SFSwiss Franc-CME Cash
26BPBritish Pound -CME
26BPBritish Pound-CME Cash
27LBLumber -CME
27LBLumber-CME Cash
33FCFeeder Cattle -CME
33FCCattle-Feeder-CME Cash
41TBT-Bill-U.S. 3 Mth-CME Cash
64CDCanadian Dollar -CME
64CDCanadian Dollar-CME Cash
65JYJapanese Yen -CME
65JYJapanese Yen-CME Cash
66ADAustralian Dollar -CME
66ADAustralian Dollar-CME Cash
96BR9Broilers-Frozen-CME Cash
99NKNikkei 225 Index -CME
99NKNikkei 225 Index-CME Cash
102RLRussell 2000 Index-CME Cash
104MDS&P MidCap 400 Index-CME Cash
127SF2Swiss Franc -CME
128BP2British Pound -CME
129CD2Canadian Dollar -CME
141EDEurodollar -CME
141EDEurodollar-3 Mth-Globex-CME Cash
142EM1-Month Eurodollar -CME
142EMLIBOR(1Mth)-CME Cash
149SPS&P 500 Index -CME
149SPS&P 500 Index-CME Cash
192SXS&P 100 Index-CME Cash
258BCMajor Market Index-CME Cash
262JY2Japanese Yen -CME
265AD2Australian Dollar -CME
266GIGoldman Sachs Commodity Index-(s)-CME
266GIGoldman Sachs Commodity-CME Cash
269ED2Eurodollar -CME
270EM21-Month Eurodollar-CME
278MP2Mexican Peso -CME
290SP2S&P 500 Index -CME
355BRBrazilian Real-CME
355BRBrazilian Real-CME Cash
401SGS&P 500 BARRA Growth Index-CME
401SGS&P 500 BARRA Growth Index-CME Cash
402SUS&P 500 BARRA Value Index-CME
402SUS&P 500 BARRA Value Index-CME Cash
403DKClass IV Milk -CME
403DKMilk-Class IV-CME Cash
404DAClass III Milk -CME
404DAMilk-Class III Fluid-CME Cash
429NDNasdaq 100 Index /10 -CME Cash
449SP0S&P 500 Index (Divided by 10) -CME
449SP0S&P 500 Index Divided by 10-CME Cash
450RPEuro/British Pound-CME
450RPEuro/British Pound-CME Cash
451RYEuro/Japanese Yen-CME
451RYEuro/Japanese Yen-CME Cash
452RFEuro/Swiss Franc-CME
452RFEuro/Swiss Franc-CME Cash
454CU2Euro -CME
458RA2South African Rand-CME
458RA2South African Rand-CME Cash
459NE2New Zealand Dollar-CME
459NE2New Zealand Dollar-CME Cash
487ESe-mini S&P 500 Index-CME
487ESS&P 500 Index-E-mini-CME Cash
497NQe-mini Nasdaq 100 Index-CME
497NQNasdaq 100 Index-E-mini Cash
498JTe-mini Japanese Yen-CME
499EXe-mini Euro-CME
519RU2Russian Ruble-CME
519RU2Russian Ruble-CME Cash
524CUEuro -CME
524CUEuro-CME Cash
684EMDe-mini S&P Midcap 400 Index-CME
684EMDIndex-S&P Midcap 400 E-mini-CME Cash
688GI2Goldman Sachs Commodity Index -CME
688GI2Goldman Sachs Commodity-CME Cash
694LC2Live Cattle -CME
695LH2Lean Hogs -CME
696FC2Feeder Cattle -CME
698XTS&P Topix 150 Index-CME Cash
711SEKSwedish Krona/US Dollar-CME
711SEKSwedish Krona/US Dollar-CME Cash
712NOKNorwegian Krone/US Dollar-CME
712NOKNorwegian Krone/US Dollar-CME Cash
713ESKEuro/Swedish Krona-CME
713ESKEuro/Swedish Krona-CME Cash
714ENKEuro/Norwegian Kroner-CME
714ENKEuro/Norwegian Kroner-CME Cash
715EADEuro/Australian Dollar-CME
715EADEuro/Australian Dollar-CME Cash
716ECDEuro/Canadian Dollar-CME
716ECDEuro/Canadian Dollar-CME Cash
717CJYCanadian Dollar/Japanese Yen-CME
717CJYCanadian Dollar/Japanese Yen-CME Cash
718ACDAustralian Dollar/Canadian Dollar-CME
718ACDAustralian Dollar/Canadian Dollar-CME Cash
719ANEAustralian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar-CME
719ANEAustralian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar-CME Cash
720AJYAustralian Dollar/Japanese Yen-CME
720AJYAustralian Dollar/Japanese Yen-CME Cash
721PSFBritish Pound/Swiss Franc-CME
721PSFBritish Pound/Swiss Franc-CME Cash
722PJYBritish Pound/Japanese Yen-CME
722PJYBritish Pound/Japanese Yen-CME Cash
723SJYSwiss Franc/Japanese Yen-CME
723SJYSwiss Franc/Japanese Yen-CME Cash
733FINSPCTR-Financial Index-CME Cash
734TECSPCTR-Technology Index-(-CME Cash
736SMCe-mini S&P 600 Smallcap Index-CME
736SMCE-Mini S&P 600 Smallcap Index-CME Cash
782QCNe-mini Nasdaq Composite Index -CME
782QCNE-mini Nasdaq Composite Index Futures -CME Cash
821BR5Brazilian Real (w/5 digits precision)-CME
912NK2Nikkei 225 Index -CME
912NK2Nikkei 225 Index-CME Cash
913NIYNikkei 225 Index (Yen)-CME
950PLZPolish Zloty/US Dollar-CME
950PLZPolish Zloty/US Dollar-CME Cash
951EPLEuro/Polish Zloty-CME
951EPLEuro/Polish Zloty-CME Cash
967QQQETF-Nasdaq 100-CME Cash
968SPYETF-S&P Depositary Receipts-CME Cash
969IWMETF-iShares Russell 2000-CME Cash
973CBCash Settled Butter -CME
973CBCash Settled Butter -CME Cash
1018CUSComposite Housing Index-CME
1019BOSBoston Housing Index-CME
1020CHIChicago Housing Index-CME
1021DENDenver Housing Index-CME
1022LAVLas Vegas Housing Index-CME
1023LAXLas Angeles Housing Index-CME
1024MIAMiami Housing Index-CME
1025NYMNew York Housing Index-CME
1026SDGSan Diego Housing Index-CME
1027SFRSan Francisco Housing Index-CME
1028WDCWashington DC Housing Index-CME
1030BIOe-mini Nasdaq Bio Index-CME
1033GIEGSCI Index Ex. Return-CME
1058KWRKorean Won-CME
1060RASA Rand -CME
1062NENew Zealand Dollar -CME
1064RURX-Russian Ruble -CME
1119ILSIsreali Shekel-CME
1119ILSIsreali Shekel-CME Cash
1120CKOCzech Koruna-CME
1120CKOCzech Koruna-CME Cash
1121ECZCzech Koruna/Euro-CME
1121ECZCzech Koruna/Euro-CME Cash
1122HFOHungarian Forint-CME
1122HFOHungarian Forint-CME Cash
1123EHUHungarian Forint/Euro-CME
1123EHUHungarian Forint/Euro-CME Cash
1195DYDry Whey
1226NFNon-Fat Dry Milk-CME
1226NFNon-Fat Dry Milk-CME Cash
1227DA2Class III Milk-CME
1251H1CHDD Atlanta-CME
1252H2CHDD Chicago-CME
1253H3CHDD Cincinnati-CME
1254H4CHDD New York-CME
1255H5CHDD Dallas-CME
1260H0CHDD Las Vegas-CME
1262HQCHDD Minneapolis-CME
1264HSCHDD Sacramento-CME
1364LB2Lumber -CME
1407T33-Year Treasury Note
1408T323-Year Treasury Note
1412TRYTurkish Lira
1413TREEuro / Turkish Lira
1414M6Be-micro GBP / USD
1415M6Ee-micro EUR/USD
1416M6Ae-micro AUD/USD
1513BU22-year Eurodollar Bundle
1514BU33-year Eurodollar Bundle
1515BU55-year Eurodollar Bundle
1663SPDEmini S&P Select Sector Consumer Discrectionary
1664SPSEmini S&P Select Sector Consumer Staples
1665SPEEmini S&P Select Sector Energy
1666SPFEmini S&P Select Sector Financial
1667SPHEmini S&P Select Sector Health Care
1668SPIEmini S&P Select Sector Industrial
1669SPMEmini S&P Select Sector Materials
1670SPTEmini S&P Select Sector Technology
1671SPUEmini S&P Select Sector Utilities
1817MJYE-Micro JPY / USD
1818FSME-Micro CHF / USD
1819MCDE-Micro CAD / USD
1825IBVIbovespa (USD Denominated)
1852MIRE-Micro INR / USD
1855ESLe-mini S&P 500 Index-CME
1856NQLe-mini Nasdaq 100 Index-CME
1858EMLe-mini S&P Midcap 400 Index-CME
1859NILNikkei 225 Index (Yen)-(Last in close field)-CME
1866ENYe-mini Nikkei 225 Index (Yen)-CME
1960CNHUSD/Offshore RMB(CNH)
20267FT1e-mini FTSE 100 Index-CME
20268FT5e-mini FTSE China 50 Index-CME
20274SDAS&P 500 Annual Dividend Index
20276EV1S&P 500 EOW Options Week 1
20277EV2S&P 500 EOW Options Week 2
20278EV3S&P 500 EOW Options Week 3
20279EV4S&P 500 EOW Options Week 4
20280EW1e-mini S&P 500 EOW Options Week 1
20281EW2e-mini S&P 500 EOW Options Week 2
20282EW3e-mini S&P 500 EOW Options Week 3
20283EW4e-mini S&P 500 EOW Options Week 4
20284YM1e-mini Dow Options Week 1
20285YM2e-mini Dow Options Week 2
20286YM3e-mini Dow Options Week 3
20287YM4e-mini Dow Options Week 4
20288QN1e-mini NASDAQ 100 Options Week 1
20289QN2e-mini NASDAQ 100 Options Week 2
20290QN3e-mini NASDAQ 100 Options Week 3
20291QN4e-mini NASDAQ 100 Options Week 4
20293SPRe-mini S&P Real Estate Select Sector
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.