Markets in exchange: European Energy Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
705FBMPhelix Electricity Base Load
706FPMPhelix Electricity Peak Load
707FBQPhelix Electricity Base Load Qtr
708FPQPhelix Electricity Peak Load Qtr
709FBYPhelix Electricity Base Load Year
710FPYPhelix Electricity Peak Load Year
20108FPPProcessing Potatoes
201327BMFrench Financial Baseload Month
201337PMFrench Financial Peakload Month
201347BQFrench Financial Baseload Quarter
201357PQFrench Financial Peakload Quarter
201367BYFrench Financial Baseload Year
201377PYFrench Financial Peakload Year
20138DBMItalian Baseload Month
20139DPMItalian Peakload Month
20140DBQItalian Baseload Quarter
20141DPQItalian Peakload Quarter
20142DBYItalian Baseload Year
20143DPYItalian Peakload Year
201450BMPhelix-DE Baseload Month
201460PMPhelix-DE Peakload Month
201470BQPhelix-DE Baseload Quarter
201480PQPhelix-DE Peakload Quarter
201490BYPhelix-DE Baseload Year
201500PYPhelix-DE Peakload Year
20163HBMSpanish Baseload Month
20164HBQSpanish Baseload Quarter
20165HBYSpanish Baseload Year
20187QBMDutch Baseload Month
20188QPMDutch Peakload Month
20189QBQDutch Baseload Quarter
20190QPQDutch Peakload Quarter
20191QBYDutch Baseload Year
20192QPYDutch Peakload Year
20402FWHEuropean Whey Powder
20403FMSSkimmed Milk Powder
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.