Markets in exchange: Hong Kong Futures Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
119HSIHang Seng Index
119HSIHang Seng Index (Hong Kong)
500HIR3-Month HIBOR
649HMHmini Hang Seng Index
795HCEHang Seng China Enterprises Index
795HCEHang Seng China Enterprises Index
815HMCmini H-Shares Index
1780HSVHSI Volatility Index
1823HSDHSI Dividend Index
1824HHDHSCEI Dividend Index
1864HICHang Seng Index
1864HICHang Seng Index
1865HCMHang Seng China Enterprises Index
1867HINHang Seng Index
1868HCNHang Seng China Enterprises Index
1942HMNMini H-Shares Index
1943HM2Mini H-Shares Index
1944HSNMini Hang Seng Index
1945HS2Mini Hang Seng Index
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.