Markets in exchange: Hong Kong Futures Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
119HSIHang Seng Index-HKFE
119HSIHang Seng Index-HKFE Cash
649HMHmini Hang Seng Index-HKEX(HKFE)
795HCEHang Seng China Enterprises Index-HKFE
795HCEHang Seng China Enterprises Index-HKFE Cash
815HMCmini H-Shares Index (Day session)-HKEX(HKFE)
1780HSVHSI Volatility Index-(HKFE)
1823HSDHSI Dividend Index
1824HHDHSCEI Dividend Index
1853HCUUSD/CNH (Day session)
1864HICHang Seng Index -HKFE
1864HICHang Seng Index -HKFE Cash
1865HCMHang Seng China Enterprises Index -HKFE
1867HINHang Seng Index-HKFE
1868HCNHang Seng China Enterprises Index-HKFE
1942HMNMini H-Shares Index (night session)
1943HM2Mini H-Shares Index (combined session)
1944HSNMini Hang Seng Index
1945HS2Mini Hang Seng Index
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.