Markets in exchange: ICE Europe

CSI NumSymbolDescription
134LGOGas Oil
134LGOGas Oil
136LCOBrent Crude
136LCOBrent Blend Crude Index (NW Europe)
304NGLNatural Gas (National Balancing Point)
304NGLNatural Gas (National Balancing Point)
764LC4Brent Crude
765LG4Gas Oil
771IHOHeating Oil
772IRBRBOB Gasoline
946NGQNatural Gas(Quarters)
947NGSNatural Gas(Seasons)
980CFIECX EUA Emissions
980CFIECX EUA Emissions
991ICLWTI Crude Oil
1152RCAPI2 Rotterdam Coal Monthly
1153RCQAPI2 Rotterdam Coal Quarterly
1154RCSAPI2 Rotterdam Coal Seasonal
1155AFAPI4 Richards Bay Coal
1156AFQAPI4 Richards Bay Coal Quarterly
1157AFSAPI4 Richards Bay Coal Seasonal
1297RCYAPI2 Rotterdam Coal Yearly
1298AFYAPI4 Richards Bay Coal Yearly
1312CERCarbon Certified Emission Reduction
1312CERCarbon Certified Emission Reduction
1390NCMNewCastle Coal
1391NCQNewCastle Coal Quarterly
1392NCYNewCastle Coal Yearly
1535TTMDutch TTF Gas M
1536TTQDutch TTF Gas Q
1537TTSDutch TTF Gas S
1538TTYDutch TTF Gas Y
1590GPMGaspool NG Monthly
1591GPQGaspool NG Quarterly
1592GPSGaspool NG Seasonal
1593GPYGaspool NG Yearly
1594CGMNCG NG Monthy
1595CGQNCG NG Quarterly
1596CGSNCG NG Seasonal
1597CGYNCG NG Yearly
1711BMMBrent Marker Singapore
1712BMABrent Marker Afternoon
1713GMMGasoil Marker Singapore
1715GMNGasoil Marker 19:30
1716WCMWTI Crude Marker
1948RPTU.S. Treasury DTCC GCF Repo Index
1996UCXCSX Coal
1998UCPPowder River Basin Coal
20161UBLUK Base Electricity (Gregorian)
20162UPLUK Peak Electricity (Gregorian)
20275ILBIllinois Basin Coal
20415O67NYH Ultra Low Sulphur Heating Oil
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.