Markets in exchange: ICE Europe Fixed Income and Equity

CSI NumSymbolDescription
173FSS3 Month Sterling
174FLGLong Gilt
185FESThree Month Euro Swiss Franc (Euroswiss)
209FFIFTSE 100 Index
209FFIFTSE 100 Stock Index (London)
523FEUEurotop 100 Index (London)
558FBO5-Year Euro Swapnote
559FBP10-Year Euro Swapnote
580FEBFTSE Eurobloc 100
581FETFTSE Eurotop 300
582FEKFTSE Eurotop 300 excluding UK
584MSPMSCI Pan-Euro
627FTMFTSE TechMARK 100 Index
658FBS2-Year Euro Swapnote
730FSW2-Year USD Swapnote
731FSO5-Year USD Swapnote
732FSP10-Year USD Swapnote
739EON1-Month EONIA
959EFEFTSE Eurofirst 80 Index
959EFEFTSE Eurofirst 80 Index
960EFPFTSE Eurofirst 100 Index
960EFPFTSE Eurofirst 100 Index
1388F2IFTSE 100 Index
1388F2IFTSE 100 Index
1496FSGShort Term Gilt
1497FMGMedium Term Gilt
1571LXZFTSE 100 Dividend Index (RDSA Withholding)
1753MCQMSCI Emerging Markets
1957FUGUltra Long Gilt
1959FM2FTSE 250 Index (2 GBP)
1959FM2FTSE 250 Index (2 GBP)
20117MCGMSCI Brazil Index (NTR)
20118MIIMSCI India Index (NTR)
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.