Markets in exchange: London Metals Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
626LMXLMEX Index
1761MOMMolybdenum (Monthly Prompts)
1762CBMCobalt (Monthly Prompts)
1763CAMCopper (Monthly Prompts)
1764SNMTin (Monthly Prompts)
1765PBMLead (Monthly Prompts)
1766ZSMZinc (Monthly Prompts)
1767AHMAluminum (Monthly Prompts)
1768NIMNickel (Monthly Prompts)
1769AAMAluminum Alloy (Monthly Prompts)
1770NAMNASAAC (Monthly Prompts)
2021MCU0Copper 3 Mth --LME Select
2047MTN9Tin 3 Mth --LME Select
2057MPB9Lead 3 Mth --LME Select
2069MZS9Zinc 3 Mth --LME Select
2079MNI9Nickel 3 Mth --LME Select
2088MAA9Aluminum Alloy 3 Mth --LME Select
2089MHA9Aluminum 3 Mth --LME Select
2058MNA0Alum.Alloy-No.Amer.Spec. 3 Mth --LME Select
3872MOD9Molybdenum 3 Mth --LME Select
3885CDB9Cobalt 3 Mth --LME Select
2013MCU3Copper 3 Mth OHLC
2042MTN2Tin 3 Mth OHLC
2052MPB2Lead 3 Mth OHLC
2062MZS2Zinc 3 Mth OHLC
2072MNI2Nickel 3 Mth OHLC
2082MAA2Alum Alloy 3 Mth OHLC
2092MHA2Aluminum 3 Mth OHLC
2357MNA2Alum.Alloy-No.Amer.Spec. 3 Mth OHLC
3865MOD2Molybdenum 3 Mth OHLC
3878CBD2Cobalt 3 Mth OHLC
2014MCU4Copper 15 Mth OHLC
2043MTN3Tin 15 Mth OHLC
2053MPB3Lead 15 Mth OHLC
2073MNI3Nickel 15 Mth OHLC
2083MAA3Alum Alloy 15 Mth OHLC
2093MHA3Aluminum 15 Mth OHLC
2358MNA3Alum.Alloy-No.Amer.Spec. 15 Mth OHLC
3866MOD3Molybdenum 15 Mth OHLC
3879CBD3Cobalt 15 Mth OHLC
2063MZS3Zinc 15 Mth OHLC
2015MCU5Copper 27 Mth OHLC
2064MZS4Zinc 27 Mth OHLC
2074MNI4Nickel 27 Mth OHLC
2087MAA7Aluminum Alloy 27 Mth OHLC
2094MHA4Aluminum 27 Mth OHLC
2359MNA4Alum.Alloy-No.Amer.Spec. 27 Mth Close
2011MCU1Copper Cash Close
2040MTN0Tin Cash Close
2050MPB0Lead Cash Close
2060MZS0Zinc Cash Close
2070MNI0Nickel Cash Close
2080MAA0Alum Alloy Cash Close
2090MHA0Aluminum Cash Close
2360MNA5Alum.Alloy-No.Amer.Spec. Cash Close
2012MCU2Copper Cash OHLC
2041MTN1Tin Cash OHLC
2051MPB1Lead Cash OHLC
2061MZS1Zinc Cash OHLC
2071MNI1Nickel Cash OHLC
2081MAA1Alum Alloy Cash OHLC
2091MHA1Aluminum Cash OHLC
2356MNA1Alum.Alloy-No.Amer.Spec. Cash OHLC
3864MOD1Molybdenum Cash OHLC
3877CBD1Cobalt Cash OHLC
0London Gold (Same as #38(49) but higher precision)
2000MAU0Gold-Spot O;H&L(AM/PM fix);C(PM fix)
0London Gold (Same as #38(50) but higher precision)
2002MAU2Gold-Spot O;AM fix;PM fix;C
0Tin Food Industry Index
0Lead Food Industry Index
0Zinc Food Industry Index
0Nickel Food Industry Index
0Alum Alloy Food Industry Index
0Aluminum Food Industry Index
2020MCU#British Pound Settlement Rate
0London Gold (Same as #38(52) but higher precision)
2003MAU3Gold O;AM fix;H&L(AM/PM Fix);C(PM-LM)
626LMXLMEX Index
3873MOD10Molybdenum Cash bid in O-L Cash ask (settlement) in H-C
3886CDB10Cobalt Cash bid in O-L Cash ask (settlement) in H-C
3874MOD11Molybdenum 3 Mth bid in O-L 3-mth ask in H-C
3887CDB11Cobalt 3 mth bid in O-L 3-mth ask in H-C
3875MOD12Molybdenum 15 Mth bid in O-L 15-mth ask in H-C
3888CDB12Cobalt 15 mth bid in O-L 15-mth ask in H-C
2016MCU6Copper Cash O&H-AM fix;L&C-PM fix;
2044MTN4Tin Cash AM/PM fix
2054MPB4Lead Cash AM/PM fix
2065MZS5Zinc Cash AM/PM fix
2075MNI5Nickel Cash AM/PM fix
2084MAA4Alum Alloy Cash AM/PM fix
2095MHA5Aluminum Cash AM/PM fix
2361MNA6Alum.Alloy-No.Amer.Spec. Cash AM/PM Fix
2017MCU7Copper 3 Mth AM/PM fix;
2045MTN5Tin 3 Mth AM/PM fix
2055MPB5Lead 3 Mth AM/PM fix
2066MZS6Zinc 3 Mth AM/PM fix
2076MNI6Nickel 3 Mth AM/PM fix
2085MAA5Alum Alloy 3 Mth AM/PM fix
2096MHA6Aluminum 3 Mth AM/PM fix
2362MNA7Alum.Alloy-No.Amer.Spec. 3 Mth AM/PM Fix
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.