Markets in exchange: Minneapolis Grain Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
68MWWheat-Spring-MGE Cash
236NWWheat-Winter-MGE Cash
692NCINational Corn Index-MGE
692NCINational Corn Index-MGE Cash
693NSISoybean Index-National-MGE
693NSISoybean Index-National-MGE Cash
746IHWheat Index-(Hard Winter)-MGE
746IHWheat Index-(Hard Winter)-MGE Cash
957RIWheat Index-Soft Red Winter-MGE
957RIWheat Index-Soft Red Winter-MGE Cash
958SWWheat Index-Red Spring-MGE
958SWWheat Index-Red Spring-MGE Cash
1079MW1Wheat-Spring -MGE
1080MW2Wheat-Spring -MGE
1796AJCApple Juice Concentrate
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.