Markets in exchange: Nasdaq Futures

CSI NumSymbolDescription
20221CLQWTI Crude Oil Financial
20222BFQBrent Crude Financial
20223RBQRBOB Gasoline Financial
20224HHQHenry Hub Natural Gas Financial (10000)
20225NPQHenry Hub Natural Gas Penultimate Financial (2500)
20227HOQHeating Oil Financial
20228GOQLow Sulphur Gasoil Financial
20233HUQHenry Hub Natural Gas Penultimate Financial (10000)
20234NNQHenry Hub Natural Gas Financial (2500)
20270TQWTI Crude Oil Penultimate Financial
20271HQHeating Oil Penultimate Financial
20272RQRBOB Gasoline Penultimate Financial
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.