Markets in exchange: New York Mercantile Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
89HONY Harbor ULSD
153HCHeating Oil Cr Synth
188CLCrude Oil
191NGHenry Hub Natural Gas
432NPHenry Hub Natural Gas Penultimate
724QGe-mini Henry Hub Natural Gas
725QMe-mini Crude Oil
836WSCrude Oil Financial (Penultimate)
837HHNatural Gas Financial (Last Day)
838HPNatural Gas Financial (Penultimate)
839RTNRBOB Gasoline Financial (Penultimate)
840BHHeating Oil Financial (Penultimate)
856CL2Crude Oil
857HO2NY Harbor ULSD
869NG2Henry Hub Natural Gas
916JMElectricity PJM
975RBGasoline-Reformulated Blendstock
988QUmini Gasoline-Reformulated Blendstock
989QHe-mini NY Harbor ULSD
1078BBNBrent Crude Financ.
1211BZNBrent Crude Last Day
1562MMBGC Sour Crude Oil
1896T6NIn Delivery Month EUA
20215LPNLOOP Crude Oil Storage
13PLPlatinum, Handy & Harman 12:15 pm (New York)
34US9Silver Coins, Whole $1000 Face Val. (New York)
69PAPalladium, Producer price (New York)
89HOHeating Oil #2, 5:00 pm (New York)
188CLLight Crude Oil, W Texas Inter (New York)
191NGNatural Gas (Henry Hub)
975RBGasoline-Reformulated Blendstock
976RB2Gasoline-Reformulated Blendstock
988QUmini Gasoline-Reformulated Blendstock
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.