Markets in exchange: New York Mercantile Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
13PLPlatinum -NYMEX
69PAPalladium -NYMEX
153HCHeating Oil Cr Synth-NYMEX
188CLCrude Oil -NYMEX
191NGHenry Hub Natural Gas -NYMEX
432NPHenry Hub Natural Gas Penultimate-NYMEX
724QGe-mini Henry Hub Natural Gas-NYMEX
725QMe-mini Crude Oil-NYMEX
836WSCrude Oil Financial (Penultimate)-NYMEX
837HHNatural Gas Financial (Last Day)-NYMEX
838HPNatural Gas Financial (Penultimate)-NYMEX
839RTNRBOB Gasoline Financial (Penultimate)-NYMEX
840BHHeating Oil Financial (Penultimate)-NYMEX
849PA2Palladium -NYMEX
856CL2Crude Oil -NYMEX
857HO2NY Harbor ULSD -NYMEX(
859PL2Platinum -NYMEX
869NG2Henry Hub Natural Gas -NYMEX
916JMElectricity PJM -NYMEX
975RBGasoline-Reformulated Blendstock-NYMEX
976RB2Gasoline-Reformulated Blendstock-NYMEX
988QUmini Gasoline-Reformulated Blendstock-NYMEX
989QHe-mini NY Harbor ULSD-NYMEX
1078BBNBrent Crude Financ.-NYMEX
1211BZNBrent Crude Last Day
1562MMBGC Sour Crude Oil-NYMEX
1741CVFCrude Oil VIX-NYMEX
1896T6NIn Delivery Month EUA
20215LPNLOOP Crude Oil Storage
13PLPlatinum-NYMEX Cash
69PAPalladium-NYMEX Cash
89HONY Harbor ULSD -NYMEX Cash
188CLCrude Oil Light-NYMEX Cash
191NGNatural Gas-Henry Hub-NYMEX Cash
224HUGasoline Unleaded-NYMEX Cash
975RBGasoline-Reformulated Blendstock-NYMEX Cash
976RB2Gasoline-Reformulated Blendstock-NYMEX Cash
988QUGasoline-Reformulated Blendstock MiNY-NYMEX Cash
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.