Markets in exchange: Osaka Securities Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
157JTITOPIX Stock Index (Tokyo)
158JGB10-Year Japanese Govt Bond
255JNINikkei 225 Index
255JNINikkei 225 Index (Osaka)
346JNWNikkei 300 Index (Osaka)
1059JNMmini Nikkei 225 Index
1222JN2Nikkei 225 Index
1223JN1Nikkei 225 Index
1238JG210-Year Japanese Govt Bond
1239JG110-Year Japanese Govt Bond
1242JN6mini Nikkei 225 Index
1243JN5mini Nikkei 225 Index
1332JT2TOPIX Index
1333JT1TOPIX Index
1334JTMmini TOPIX Index
1334JTMmini TOPIX Index
1335JT4mini TOPIX Index
1336JT3mini TOPIX Index
1781JM010-Year Japanese Govt Bond Mini
1782JM110-Year Japanese Govt Bond Mini
1783JM210-Year Japanese Govt Bond Mini
1784JNVNikkei 225 Volatility Index
1822JTDTOPIX Dividend Index
1953JT5JGB 20 Year
1954JT6JGB 20 Year
1955JTBJGB 20 Year
20005JP8JPX-Nikkei Index 400
20006JP7JPX-Nikkei Index 400
20007JPXJPX-Nikkei Index 400
20008JM4TSE Mothers Index (Day session)
20009JM3TSE Mothers Index
20010JMOTSE Mothers Index (Combined session)
20010JMOTSE Mothers Index Cash
20011JR8TSE REIT Index (Day session)
20012JR7TSE REIT Index
20013JRETSE REIT Index (Combined session)
20013JRETSE REIT Index Cash
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.