Markets in exchange: Osaka Securities Exchange

CSI NumSymbolDescription
255JNINikkei 225 Index-OSE
255JNINikkei 225 Index-OSE Cash
346JNWNikkei 300 Index-OSE
346JNWNikkei 300 Index-OSE Cash
1059JNMNikkei 225 Index-Mini-OSE
1222JN2Nikkei 225 Index T -OSE
1223JN1Nikkei 225 Index T2 -OSE
1240JN4Nikkei 300 Index-OSE
1241JN3Nikkei 300 Index-OSE
1242JN6Nikkei 225 Mini T -OSE
1243JN5Nikkei 225 Mini T1 -OSE
1784JNVNikkei 225 Volatility Index-(OSE)
1953JT5JGB 20 Year (Day session)
1954JT6JGB 20 Year
1955JTBJGB 20 Year (Combined session)
*Note: We cannot guarantee that all markets listed will be closed.