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UA Installation Download & Instructions

  1. Write down your User ID and User Number.
    [To find your User ID and User Number navigate to your Windows Desktop, double click 'LAUNCH UA', select 'PREFERENCES' from the tool bar, and select 'ACCOUNT' from the list.]
  2. Also backup your PORTFILE.ADM file which is found in your C:\UA\Archives directory, and paste it into a different location such as your desktop or thumb drive for transfer to a new PC. (The PORTFILE.ADM file contains the created portfolios and settings.)
  3. Uninstall your previous version of Unfair Advantage via the Control Panel. Delete also the installation folder (default location: C:\ua) from your local hard drive.
  4. Please click on the following link and choose "Save As ..." to save the download file into a temporary directory.


    If you are having trouble downloading the large file, you may wish to use the open source Free Download Manager. (NOTE: Download Managers are not made or provided by CSI. Use at your own risk.)
  5. When done saving, unzip the downloaded file into a temporary directory. For extraction of the zip file you may wish to use the Windows .zip extracting utility. An alternate open source program that may be used is 7-Zip. (NOTE: Third party utilities are not made or provided by CSI. Use at your own risk.)
  6. Execute the setup file in the temporary directory.
  7. Follow the on-screen directions.
  8. Execute Unfair Advantage, type in your permanent UserId and UserNumber, and download to unlock the database.
  9. Copy your saved PORTFILE.ADM file into your C:\UA\Archives directory, and overwrite the existing file.

Download Times for the Stocks & Futures Package*

1.1 GB Hours Minutes
T3 approx 00 03
T1 approx 01 40
ADSL or Cable approx 00 45
Dual Channel ISDN (128kbps) approx 20 01
Dial-up (56kb) approx 45 46

*Download speeds may vary depending on your computer's hardware or operating system, Internet traffic levels, server's performance, distance from connection base (DSL), and, for dial-up and cable, how many people are sharing the line at the time of connection.

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