Only show pairs with Buy/Sell Signal Line above __

The Current Signal Line Filter is a screening device that sets the lower limit of terminal Signal values to be reported. Like the Correlation Coefficient filter, this is an absolute value that applies to both positive and negative results.

The "Buy/Sell Signal Line" reflects the Z-score of the spread between the Z-scores of the two markets being analyzed. For a normally distributed random variable, a Z-score greater than 2 should only occur 5% of the time, and 3.2 should only occur 0.1% of the time. Signal values greater than two are considered significant, highlighting fluctuations in price between the two markets that may be tip-offs for good spread trading opportunities.

The default value of 2 will find markets whose current relationship is quite unusual. By raising the limit, you can view only the most significant opportunities. One should be aware that a very high Signal Line could mean there are unusual circumstances where trading may be particularly risky. Depending upon the market, such a situation could develop at even lower levels.

To show all results without any filtering of Signal Line values, enter 0 (zero).

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