Commodity Symbols/Stock Symbols - This entry is not case sensitive, so you may use upper- or lower-case letters. Entries are separated by commas or spaces. In the "Commodity Symbols" list, enter all of the commodities/futures that you wish to include in your analysis. Similarly, in the "Stock Symbols" list, enter all of the stocks/indices that you wish to include. All pairs of markets, including Futures pairs and Stock pairs will be included in the analysis.

If you don't know the symbol, but know the CSI number, you can enter that instead. For example, your portfolio might include a commodity list of C,188,LH (for CBT Corn, Light Crude Oil (CSI #188), and CME Lean Hogs, respectively, and a stock list of BK,MER,MSFT, for Bank of New York, Merrill Lynch and Microsoft, respectively.

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