Adding/Editing Files
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During the process of creating or modifying a portfolio, creating a chart or sending data to third-party software, UA advances to a screen where you can select markets and study parameters as shown below.

You can also reach this screen at any time by clicking [Add File to Portfolio] in the Portfolio Manager panel, or by clicking the Portfolio menu and clicking "Insert File/Files."

addmktico Another route to reach this screen is to click the "Add Market" (Add Export File) button on the UA toolbar.

The Selecting Data Series screen (this example is for stocks):


This screen allows you to select a data series and then identify all the parameters that apply to your selected commodity, stock or cash series. The features are fully explained throughout this chapter.

·The first thing you'll need to do is select "Market Type." (Click the link for instructions.)  

As you make your way through this chapter by viewing each successive topic, you'll learn everything you need to know about adding and editing files. If you'll be using a third-party analysis program, be sure to pay extra attention to the File Export Preferences on the right side of the data selection screen. Of special interest will be the Contract Selection topics, which describe the available contracts.

When one series is complete, repeat the process until the complete portfolio has been identified. Keep in mind that you may add items to your portfolios through this screen at any time, and that you may modify your entries here as well.

Editing Files

You can edit the contract selection, date range, export options and other settings for individual contracts and stocks in your portfolios through the Portfolio Manager panel on the left of your UA screen, or through the Portfolio Menu.

To edit a file, first select the appropriate portfolio in the Select Portfolio box, and then select the desired file from the list that displays below.

Click the [Edit] button or pull down the Portfolio menu and click, "Edit File Settings." This produces the "Selecting Data Series" screen as seen above, exactly like the one used to create the entry initially. Edit as desired and click [OK] to save your changes.