Change Format
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The format specified for each item in a portfolio determines what export format files will be created and maintained by UA. The choice of format(s) is selected when an item is added to a portfolio and can be changed along with other options through the contract selection screen.

The "Change Format" feature on the Portfolio menu gives you a quick way to change formats without getting into the more complicated selection screen, but it isn't quite as versatile. Only those formats written in dark type are currently available, although others may be added later.

To change a format, click the portfolio item you want to change, then click the portfolio Menu (or right click).

Click "Change Format" from the menu. The following displays:


Choose the ONE format you want to use. (The full selection screen allows for multiple formats; this does not.) Keep in mind that if you change from one export file format (ASCII, CSI, CSIM, MS or Excel) to another, UA will delete data file on your hard drive in the format you are switching out of.

If you would prefer to change formats with a greater variety of choices, see the File Format Overview.

Keep in mind that CSIM and MS (MetaStock) format files should never be stored together, and that MetaStock software should not be used to read CSIM-format files.