Portfolio Manager Panel
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The Portfolio Manager panel is found on the left side of your UA screen. The visible portfolio is named in the "Select Portfolio" box at the top of the panel. Click the down arrow at the right of the "Select Portfolio" text box to display a menu of all available portfolios. The "All" option is always at the top of the list. Selecting it will produce a listing of all portfolios simultaneously, as shown in the following example.


The "Chart" portfolio is second by default. This portfolio could be used to list of all time series that you have defined for portfolio inclusion, but for which no export files were selected. These would be immediately available for charting only. Any additional portfolios on the list would be placed there by the user.

The lower portion of the Portfolio Manager panel lists the contracts, stocks, options, etc. included in the portfolio listed above. Note that if *All* is selected above, the list will show all time series in all of your portfolios.

Portfolio Manager Panel Buttons

·[Add file to portfolio] lets you add a new market as explained in the Adding/Editing Files topic.  
·[Find] lets you enter a search string to locate a market in your portfolio listing as described in the Find In Portfolio topic.  
·[Edit] lets you change the properties of the selected file, also explained in the Adding/Editing Files topic.  
·[Chart] lets you graphically view the selected market, along with any desired studies. This is also used for viewing tabular data and allows access to UA's data editor. The resulting charts are built according to the corresponding portfolio settings. See the Chart Interpretation and Manipulation chapter for more on UA charts.  
·[Delete] lets you remove the selected market from your portfolio list, and associated files from your computer.  
·[Rewrite] sets UA in motion to reproduce the selected data file from the source database. This is typically used after settings have been changed that would modify the rewritten chart or file. See the Rewrite File Immediately topic for more information.  
·[Refresh DB] lets you select files or files in your database that will be replaced with fresh data from the CSI host computer. This is rarely used, and only in the rare case when necessary to repair corrupted files. See the History Refresh Download topic for instructions.  

Maximizing/Minimizing/Restoring the Portfolio Manager Panel
(through the Portfolio Menu)

The Portfolio Manager Panel can be maximized to fill the screen, minimized to leave more room for charting, and restored to the original presentation through selections on the Portfolio menu. Click the Portfolio menu at the top of your screen, and then select your choice as shown. See below for an example of a maximized Portfolio Manager.


Maximizing/Minimizing/Restoring the Portfolio Manager Panel
(using mouse functions)

Click the small right-pointing arrow on the divider between the charting window and the Portfolio Manager panel to remove the chart window from view and expand the Portfolio Manager panel so that it fills the screen. This will reveal more details about the content of your portfolio(s). Click the left-pointing arrow on the divider bar to remove the Portfolio Manager panel from view. This allows maximum space for charting. Reverse both actions by clicking the opposite arrow.

You may resize both windows by using your mouse to drag the divider bar to the desired position.


Using the Portfolio Manager Panel (Expanded)


Note that you can scroll through the many entries using both side and bottom scroll bars, and can change the column sizes by dragging the heading dividers to the desired location or simply clicking on them. The columns can be used to sort your portfolio as desired. Just click any heading to use it as a sort key.

Click the small left-pointing arrow at the right border of the expanded Portfolio Manager panel to restore the chart to your screen. Once the original screen presentation is restored, you can further minimize the Portfolio Manager panel by clicking the left-pointing arrow again.

Right-click your mouse in the Portfolio Panel for a menu of additional functions, including "Minimize Portfolio Manager," "Restore Portfolio Manager," "Maximize Portfolio Manager" and "Hide Column."

Managing the Columns

The Portfolio Manager's columns can be adjusted in several ways:

·Click a heading to view the column with its width automatically set to fit the content (instead of the compressed version seen above).  
·Click any heading to sort by the heading.  
·Click your mouse on any heading and then drag and drop it at another location to change the order of the columns.  
When columns are adjusted in this way, you can use the Portfolio Menu's "
Reset Column Width and Placement" feature to restore them to the original presentation.