Writing Export Format Files
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This feature is one of two alternate methods for putting data series into portfolios for exportation. It is exactly the same as adding files to a portfolio from the Portfolio Manager panel.

thirdico Start by clicking the fourth icon on the toolbar, "Add File."

Please refer to the instruction in the Adding/Editing Files chapter, and be sure you select the appropriate export portfolio and format as shown below.


When you need data for third-party programs, please check their reference manuals or call support to find out which of UA's formats should be used. ASCII files are often a good choice for compatibility with multiple analysis packages. Most third-party software that is compatible with UA (such as MetaStock, TradeStation, Delta Graphics, One Day at a Time, spread sheets, etc) use one of the export file formats:

·CSI Format (QuickTrieve)  
·MS (MetaStock) Format  
·CSIM Format  
·ASCII Format  

During the data distribution process, Unfair Advantage automatically writes the export format files specified in your portfolios to disk. UA offers a couple of additional methods to quickly and easily update your export format files whenever you want current data for analysis.

Writing All Export Files by Manually Distributing Data

As stated above, UA creates Export Format Files during the data distribution process. Although distribution is required after daily updates (it normally occurs automatically), you may initiate the process manually at any time.

Open the Database menu and then click "Manual Database Distribute" to write all Export Format Files listed in your portfolios, along with all the other processes included in the distribution.

Writing all Export Files without Data Distribution

To write all export format files, select the appropriate portfolio, and then click any item in the portfolio listing. Next, right-click your mouse. Click "Select All Files Visible" from the menu as shown. Everything in the portfolio will be selected.


After the files are selected, right-click your mouse again, then click "Rewrite File Immediately" from the menu. UA will write all files to disk as specified in the portfolio. You'll note that every active file is rewritten from start to end, assuring that any changes in contract specifications and adjustments to raw or computed continuous files will be incorporated.

Writing Individual Export Files without Data Distribution

To write any single file for export to another file format, simply click the desired file on your portfolio list, right click your mouse and then click "Rewrite File Immediately." This procedure will write only the file you selected, and can be repeated as necessary.

Saving Changes, But Waiting Until Next Distribution to Rewrite Files

Any time you modify portfolio or any file specifications within your portfolio in ways that will affect export files, it is your choice whether to write your new or modified files now or to wait until your next data distribution (either manual or automatic). If you prefer to wait, select "Rewrite Files on Next Distribution," found right below "Rewrite Files Immediately" on the right-click menu shown above. If you don't make this selection now, you will be asked later if you want to write your new files.