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DateLastModified Property
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Version 3 

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Returns the date and time that the specified file or folder was last modified. Read-only.

The object is always a File or Folder object.

The following code illustrates the use of the DateLastModified property with a file:
Sub ShowFileAccessInfo(filespec)
    Dim fs, f, s
    Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    Set f = fs.GetFile(filespec)
    s = UCase(filespec) & vbCrLf
    s = s & "Created: " & f.DateCreated & vbCrLf
    s = s & "Last Accessed: " & f.DateLastAccessed & vbCrLf
    s = s & "Last Modified: " & f.DateLastModified  
    MsgBox s, 0, "File Access Info"
End Sub

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