CSI Outage

One of our servers was attacked in the early morning hours of January 30. As a precaution, we had to take down our network while we assessed the damage. A few systems had to be reconstructed from backups. As a result, our client-side data servers were inaccessible during the morning and early afternoon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our primary ftp and sftp servers are online now; we are still working on the secondary servers. UA clients can access ua2.csidata.com now; ua1.csidata.com and csidata2.com should be available shortly.

The correlations and API server (apps.csidata.com) will remain offline until sometime Friday, January 31.

Unfortunately, this is a reality of the current state of the world. Our team was mostly prepared, but we did learn a little more about potential vulnerabilities, and will be addressing those immediately. Thank you for your patience.

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