CSI subscribers can experience seamless compatibility with the new VantagePoint software by using Unfair Advantage version 2.10.7 or later for data retrieval. These include all the required data for the latest VantagePoint systems. If you already use Unfair Advantage Version 2.10.7 or later, please skip ahead to the section "Creating a New VantagePoint Portfolio."



Installing Unfair Advantage

You may download a complete, updated version of Unfair Advantage software free of charge through the CSI website. It will include the latest VantagePoint portfolio and assure that your VantagePoint Version software will run properly. Unfair Advantage 2.10.7 or higher is required for use with VantagePoint.

We'll walk you through the process of downloading Unfair Advantage version 2.10.7:

1) Print and read these instructions, but continue displaying this letter on your computer screen.

2) Click the link (shown below) on your computer screen to download CSI's Unfair Advantage for VantagePoint.


Unfair Advantage for Windows - Ua2107SC (808 MB)


3) You will be asked if you want to Run or Save this file. Choose [Save].

4) Next, a "Save As" dialog will prompt you to choose a location and filename. Navigate to "Desktop" for the "Save in" location. Do not change the filename; leave it as. Click [Save] to proceed. The transmission may take several minutes.

5) Depending upon your online browser, a message may display when the download is complete. If you are a new Unfair Advantage subscriber you can skip ahead to step 9.

6) You need to save your CSI User ID (three letters) and CSI Customer Number (five digits) for when it is needed later. Launch the UA EZDownloader as you normally would, cancel the download and record these entries as they display on the screen. When you have the necessary information, exit the UA EZDownloader.

7) Click the "Start" button and then select "Control Panel" from the Start Menu. Next click "Add or Remove Programs." Find and select "CSI Unfair Advantage," on the menu and then click the corresponding [Remove] button. UA's programs will be removed.

8) To finish up the uninstall process, return to the Start Menu and select "My Computer." Navigate through your directories to find the "UA" folder, which is probably on your C drive (C:). Select the UA folder and press the [Delete] key. Confirm the deletion, if necessary to complete the process.

9) Through the Start Menu, return to "My Computer," which is a list of disks, drive and folders. From there, navigate to your desktop by clicking the "Up folder" icon on the toolbar. Next find and double-click the downloaded file. This will start the installation of your new software. Answer any on-screen prompts as you did when you initially installed UA.

10) When the installation is complete, double-click the UA EZDownloader icon on your Windows Desktop.

11) Quickly click the [CANCEL COUNTDOWN] button before an automatic retrieval session begins.

12) If you are already an Unfair Advantage user, then type in your three letters User ID and your five digits CSI User Number, which you recorded in step 6. If you do not have a User Id or User Number available, then please call CSI Customer Service at 561-392-8663 to acquire one.



Creating a New VantagePoint Portfolio

(To be used with UA version 2.10.7 or higher)



Double click "LAUNCH  UA" on your Windows Desktop,

Select "PORTFOLIO" from the main menu,


(Are you sure you wish to delete all of your portfolios?) Select "YES"

(Do you wish to permanently delete ...?) Select "YES"


Select "PORTFOLIO" a second time ,




Unfair Advantage will begin downloading all appropriate databases for VantagePoint.  This may take several minutes to complete.

Once Unfair Advantage finishes updating your database, you are ready to configure VantagePoint.





The CSI Technical Support Staff

200 West Palmetto Park Road
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Phone: (800)274.4727 or (561)392.8663