CSI's Unfair Advantage How-To Guide: How include the UA API into my Borland C++ Builder project?

In my experience, the key to including the UA API to a Visual Studios project is to set the document type to be Single.  Other settings may work, but this document will show you show to proceed if you are using the Single document type.

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Begin the integration by Importing the UA Type Library ...
  3. Add UA to the Import Type Library List (it may need to be removed first.)
  4. Select "c:\ua\uapi\ua.tlb" (folder may be different if you installed UA somewhere else.)
  5. TAPI2 should appear as a Class Name
  6. Click "Create Unit".
  7. You may have to replace an existing file.
  8. This generate UA_TLB.*
  9. If you want to use a private copy, then use File -> Save As to save this unit.

  10. Include UA_TLB in our source code where you intend to access it.
  11. Add accessing code to your project.  Remember to ua->Release() after you ua->AddRef()

You should now be ready to try out the code provided in the demo projects.