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CSI Website, Technical Journals,
and Online Manual

Commercial Account Information

What do Yahoo! and many other online providers have in common?


CSI has long been the data source of choice for discriminating corporations who manage their own assets, and for companies who resell market data to traders or investors. In a comprehensive study conducted by Futures Magazine, CSI outperformed every known data-vending competitor by hundreds of percent. CSI's historical stock data reserves can be found immediately after markets close on Yahoo! Finance. Hundreds of other websites, mutual fund companies, and financial investment firms subscribe to CSI commercial services. These sites collectively supply CSI data to millions of visitors daily. Users of these websites report undocumented error discoveries directly to CSI which CSI in turn verifies with exchanges. This added assistance from millions of viewers collectively boosts the accuracy of CSI data far beyond all other competitive sources.

CSI's commercial data feed allows the corporate IT manager to quickly download the universe of market information for processing and software analysis. Daily updates are available immediately after market closings via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Daily updates supply corrections for prior day and all previous day reports that surface from documented and undocumented sources. Commercial rates depend upon application and conditions of use. Any business using CSI data for website presentation, redistribution of data, or analytical use by more than three individuals would be classified as a Commercial Account.

For the CSI Technical Journal article explaining some of CSI's distinct advantages, click here.

Historical Data

Commercial subscribers may select from many different database categories including domestic commodities, overseas commodities, stocks, options, indexes, mutual funds and more.
  1. Equities:
    • US stocks- since 1962 (over 40 years)
    • Canadian stocks- since 1995 (over 12 years)
    • UK stocks- since 1996 (over 11 years)
  2. Futures and Index Options:
    • We offer Futures and Index Options; however we do not offer any Stock Options
  3. Futures markets
    • Over 50 years of historical end-of-day data for major futures markets from around the globe

Daily Data Updates

Daily updates are downloaded via FTP(File Transfer Protocol) in .CSV(Comma Separated Values) format. In addition, clients have the choice of receiving the daily files by FTP put, HTTP get, Email drop, or all of the above. It is up to the customer to decide which method to use. No client or server software is provided by CSI for any of these access methods. Historical data is provided as a custom order and may be downloaded via the FTP or supplied on CD-ROM.

All CSI databases are maintained at each user's data processing facility. CSI provides such users with a daily feed according to their market data needs, and updates each customer's database. A typical daily data feed includes dividends, IPOs, symbol changes, capital gains, stock splits, additions, deletions and any corrections that may affect the content of the database.

Licensing Agreement and Pricing

Commercial accounts are subject to a customized Licensing Agreement and pricing. Pricing of CSI market data depends upon application, audience, historical content, market classes of coverage and other considerations. Rates are calculated based upon these factors.


For information and pricing on commercial or resale applications, please contact CSI's Commercial Sale Specialist Nassrin Berns at or get more information by calling (800) 274-4727 (toll free) or (561) 392-8663, or by fax at (561) 392-1379. Click link above to send an e-mail.


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