Add Blank Records
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Use this feature to quickly create a no-data buffer at the end of your current bar chart or data file. This is handy for analysis that uses graphic projections of future prices such as Gann Fans. It is essentially the same as the "Add a Future Day" feature that is available through the data display table.

As explained in the Editing Charts topic, the UA database itself cannot be edited by the user, but UA allows you to create an exception file of revisions to be displayed in charts or written to export files.

To add blank records:

1) Create a UA chart of any price series. See Creating a Chart for instructions.

2) Right-click anywhere on the chart, and then select "Add Blank Records" from the menu.

This form displays:



Date: Type the farthest out date that you want included in your chart or data file using the CCYYMMDD format shown. The example above represents March 22, 2005.  
Price: N/A. No price can be entered here, as you are adding blank records.  
Holiday: N/A. Blank records cannot be marked as holidays.  

Keep in mind that your added days, will be included in future charts and any exported files for this market.
Removing Added Days

To remove the days added through this process, return to the right-click menu and select "Remove Trailing Holidays" from the menu.

If you have written export files with edited data from your UA database, be sure to re-write those files so that the unedited data will replace the edited values.


An alternatives to permanently removing the added days is changing the setting in UA Preferences, "General UA Behavior 1" to "Ignore User Supplied Prices." When this setting is checked, no added days will display in charts or be exported to files.