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Studies are placed on the Toolbar through the [Add Study] button at the bottom of the Study Toolbar:


Click the [Add Study] button from the Study Toolbar to produce the following screen.


Use this screen to either add one of the studies from the drop-down menu or to add a study from the Interpreted Study library.

Adding Studies from the Menu

When initially displayed, the selection box on this screen shows "None" (for no studies). Click the arrow at the right to drop down the menu as shown above.

The current list of indicators includes:

·Briese's COT Index (Commitment of Traders index)  
·Seasonal Index  
·Moving Average  
·RSI (Wilder's Relative Strength Index)  
·MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence)  
·At the Money Study  

Note that some of the studies on the menu become available only when appropriate for a specific data series. For example, Briese's COT data might be offered for many commodities, but only if COT data is available for the selected market. When dual series are charted, spread and basis studies become available. At the Money Study applies only to options.

If you want to add any of the studies listed to your Study Toolbar for use now and/or in the future, click it on the list.

Additional prompts will display on the screen allowing you to customize the study, as in the example below for Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD).


The specific parameters and their uses are described in detail for each study in the corresponding topics of this chapter. Click the links, above, to view. You may modify the parameter entries or accept the defaults that reflect commonly used settings. Modify as desired, and click [OK] to complete. This will accept the current entries and insert the customized study on your Study Toolbar menu.

Returning to the Study Toolbar, you will find that your selected study is now listed there. Click it, and then click [Apply] or "drag and drop" the study into your chart as described in the "Apply Study" topic.


Adding Interpreted Studies to the Study Toolbar

An alternative to selecting one of the half-dozen on so studies included on the basic study menu is to delve into UA's Interpreted Study Library, which offers a wide selection of additional studies. The Interpreted Studies feature is also used for writing custom studies and for editing studies.

To use, click the [Interpreted] button at the lower left of the "Select Study" form.


See the "Add Interpreted Study" topic for further instructions.