Application Programming Int. API
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The Application Programming Interface (API) permits programmers/developers to access an ASCII comma separated format memory image of data spooled directly from UA's compressed database.

With the API, there are no files or directories to be concerned with, as data is passed to your application via the clipboard. The API is extremely powerful in that all of the thousands of UA markets and contracts are available for instant study through software and programs supplied by the user. Because no formats are specifically required, the effort to get started with this interface could be minimal.

The data is presented as numerical quantities of contract open, high, low, close, volume, open interest, date (century included) etc. for a continuous time series arranged in historical order.

UA fulfills ad-hoc requests through an OLE automation interface designated API2. This allows a client application to search through the set of markets and the series available for each market. It also allows for any series to be retrieved in binary or ascii formats.

When you have finished downloading and distributing data with UA, you may leave the program and begin analysis with our Application Programming Interface (API) or your third-party program.

Exit UA by clicking the File menu and then clicking "Exit," or simply click the close box in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Launch the API (see below) or use your analysis software normally and begin analysis with the only market data firm proven to be superior to all other world firms studied.

Developer's Document

·CSI maintains two documents with information about using the API. One (Developers Document: A Programmers Guide to Unfair Advantage® by Steven Davis) can be accessed from the UA Help menu.  

·The other, which is OLE API Documentation (Unfair Advantage API (API2) Functional Specification by Steven Davis) can be found on your CSI program group through the Start menu.  

These documents contain information designed to help system developers make the best use of Unfair Advantage and the UA database. Updated versions of these documents may be made available through the CSI website as necessary to keep up with any program changes. We recommend that developers check the website frequently to stay current with any changes or enhancements that may affect your applications.