Configuring Automatic Updates Using Windows Task Scheduler
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For those Unfair Advantage subscribers who run automated market analysis systems, we have provided an executable file that will, with the help of Windows' Task Scheduler, automate the daily update procedure. (This is instead of using the automatic download timer in Communications Settings which requires that UA be left open.) It automatically launches UA's EZDownloader (CSiEZ.exe) program, which downloads all necessary days to bring your database current, and finishes by updating the files listed in your current UA portfolio(s). Although market analysis may be handled through third-party software programs, the portfolio of desired data files must be maintained through Unfair Advantage.

This procedure is typically used to produce data files in ASCII, MS, CSI or CSIM format, which are then accessed by a third-party analysis program. The creation and maintenance of these export data files is handled through Unfair Advantage's portfolio system of data management. This method of data retrieval updates UA's full compressed database, which may be read directly by custom programs using the Application Programming Interface.

Scheduling the Task

The first step in arranging for fully automated updates is to place the file called "CSiEZ.exe" on the list of scheduled tasks as described below:

To begin:

Windows XP users refer to the following page: Creating a Task in Windows XP

1) Windows 7-8 users: Right mouse click ( Win 10 users use Left mouse click ) on the Windows Start button and type Task Scheduler into the Search box.
Once you see the Task Scheduler, or Schedule Tasks entry appear in the results list, like this, click on it:


The following window will display for Win 7- Win 10 users: Click the Action menu and then select Create Basic Task


2) The following will be displayed, fill in the Name and Description as follows:


3) Click [Next] to select the frequency with which you want the task to be performed. This would typically be "Weekly", on a per day basis. The next screen will allow you to choose which days to update. Click the radio button next to your desired frequency, then click [Next] to proceed. The following displays:


4) The above screen lets you set your desired data retrieval time (8:00pm EST for everything) and fine-tune the frequency of task updates per day. Make your selections and click [Next].

5) Choose Start a program from the following screen and click [Next]:


6) Enter the following specification (C:\UA\CSiEZ.exe) for the Program/Script, or click [Browse] to navigate to CSiEZ.exe if you've installed UA on a different drive or in a different directory:


Add one of our enumerated data release schedules to the Add arguments(optional) field to command the software to wait for a particular data release. The number used corresponds to our data release posting schedule located here: Data Release Schedule where a 1 will wait for the first data release. Using a 6 will wait, after the task is launched, for the moment the estimated 8pm EST data release is ready. If you choose to not specify any number, the task will immediately download what is available at the time it is launched.

Consult CSI's Data Release Schedule to discern the best time for your daily access, keeping in mind that CSI uses Eastern Time.

Add the UA installation directory to the Start In (optional) field.

7) A final screen will display confirming your scheduled task. Click [Finish] to complete the scheduling.


Special Considerations

This feature can only work if your computer is turned on at the selected retrieval time.

Your normal method of access must be available to the system at retrieval time. This means that for Internet access, your computer must be online, or your browser must be set to automatically connect when a URL is requested.

UA Settings

The "Append to Data Files" feature should be activated (checked). Other features on this screen may be disabled to reduce open windows on your computer that must be closed manually.


The choice to automatically launch another program Before, or After Distribution ("Execute command(s)" on Distribution 2 screen) may also be useful with automated retrieval sessions.


API Interface

The two lines of programming code included in the initiateUADownload.vbs file may be incorporated directly into your own custom programs.

The lines are:
Set ua = CreateObject("UA.Api2")  
err = ua.UpdateDatabase()  
See the Application Programming Interface API topic for more information on alternative methods for data retrieval through UA.

Alternative AutoSchedule feature if not using Task Scheduler
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The AutoSchedule timer lets you schedule up to two retrieval sessions each day.

To reach this screen, click "Preferences" from the main UA menu and then click "Download Preferences" from the list at left.


The default presentation shows "Disabled" in both Auto Schedule boxes at the top of this screen. A "disabled" entry results in no automatic retrieval sessions occurring. To arrange for automatic data retrieval, enter the time of data retrieval in place of "Disabled" for each desired daily update.

The time may be expressed in either military time (using a 24-hour clock, such as 14:30 for 2:30 p.m.) or in standard time (as shown above). This is triggered by your computer's clock, so use local time.

Consult CSI's Data Release Schedule to discern the best time for your daily access, keeping in mind that CSI uses Eastern Time.

Click the checkbox next to "Wait for weekday" to have UA avoid calling on weekends. This entry is particularly important for users calling via direct dial who must pay for each telephone call. Failure to check the "Wait for weekday" box could cause UA to attempt access many, many times over the course of the weekend.

Click [OK] to record your selection.

To activate the scheduled retrieval session(s), every day at some point before the selected retrieval time, power up your computer and start the UA program. For best results, do not use UA for other purposes during the scheduled retrieval session. Although you can use your computer with other programs (with UA running in the background), the autoschedule feature may not work properly if UA is engaged in analysis at the selected retrieval time.

Each retrieval session will occur at the selected time, provided the method of access is available. This means that a direct-dial line must be available for direct dial access, or a connection to the internet must be established before an Internet download can take place.

If UA is not running at the scheduled retrieval time and the update is missed, a data retrieval session will be attempted automatically the next time you start the program. However, if you have already manually updated for the current day by the time the autoschedule time arrives, UA will not attempt a second access.

Preferred unattended retrieval methods

Note that of the methods for unattended retrieval, the AutoSchedule feature described here is least preferred. This feature will not function if your computer enters a "sleep" mode prior to the scheduled retrieval time.