A Walk-Through Example of TSPE - Tutorial
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A walk-through example of how to use TSPE and obtain a comprehensive analysis of your favorite trading system.

Your trading system should pay for itself with positive results. If it doesn't regularly provide an achieved goal that exceeds the capital cost of financing the trading experience, then quickly consider another system or approach. Fortunately, all of this can be done on "paper" in just a few minutes with TSPE, before committing precious capital. We wish you a successful season of trading and are confident that TSPE can help you in your efforts.

CSI's Trading System Performance Evaluator™ (TSPE) can make a difference in your trading plans by demonstrating whether or not you are likely to prevail and/or repeat your profitable performance in future trading. TSPE is designed to simulate future performance in the market by answering serious questions about 1) required capital, 2) the likelihood of reaching your profit goal, and 3) the statistical odds of achieving your goal before falling into bankruptcy. TSPE is provided free with Unfair Advantage® because we know how important it is to carefully check out your trading approach before taking on risk. Keeping our customers solvent is a major goal of CSI, and TSPE can help keep you in the black.

TSPE differs from most analysis programs you may have encountered in two important ways: 1) it evaluates your trading system, not the market you wish to trade and; 2) its input data is your trading record, not market data. Therefore, in order to use TSPE, you must have a specific, logical trading approach to evaluate and you must have a track record for trading that approach, which can be either actual trading results or derived from a simulation. Before we begin, you should understand TSPE's basic assumptions.