Backing Up Your UA
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In the past, we recommended that Unfair Advantage users regularly back up the complete UA directory so that a copy would be available for use in the event of a hardware failure or unrecoverable software error. This is no longer our policy for most subscribers because of the relative ease of downloading a full replacement system over the Internet using DSL, cable, satellite or other high-speed Internet services.

High-Speed Internet Users

If you use a high-speed Internet service and your UA directory becomes unavailable to you (through damage or loss), you can replace the full system with a download. You can arrange for access to a replacement UA software package and database by contact CSI Technical support at:

E:mail or telephone 561-392-8663.

After the download, double-click the downloaded executable file. This will launch the installation routine, just as when you used UA for the first time. You'll restore full capability by entering your User ID and customer number, as prompted, and by then copying or "Importing" your recent portfolio file (portfile.adm) into the system. You'll need to perform a normal daily download to unlock and update the database.

To assure a smooth recovery, please keep a record of the above information about contacting CSI, your CSI User ID, your CSI number and a computer-readable copy of your latest portfolio listing (portfolio.adm) separate from your computer.

Low-Speed (dial-up) Internet Users:

If you do not enjoy fast connections over the Internet, we recommend that you preserve a copy of the UA folder weekly to use as backup in case of database corruption or in case an unexpected problem occurs with a new or upgraded version. The manual backup method is recommended.

Keep in mind that you when you use your backup copy, you will need to bring the database current through UA's download feature. We recommend weekly backups so that this will be a relatively quick process. The older the backup, the longer the time required to bring the database current. Note that no updates are available via download more than four weeks into the past, so failure to back up your system at least once every four weeks will render your backup unusable. The only remedy in that situation would be to order a new CD from CSI. A nominal fee will apply.

Perhaps the simplest and best way to back up Unfair Advantage is to copy the whole UA folder to a DVD disk. This saves everything in a portable format that is easy to label and shelve. As the backup copy is independent of your computer, it will be unaffected by drive failure, power surges or even hardware theft.

Backup Instructions (to be done once weekly):

1) Insert a new DVD disk into your DVD/RW drive

2) Click your computer's "Start" button and then click the "My computer" icon. Under "Hard Disk Drives," select the drive that holds your UA database (probably C:\) and double-click it. A list of folders displays. Scroll through the list until you find the UA folder. Click the UA folder.

3) In the task pane, locate and click "Move this folder" from the "File and Folder Tasks" section.

4) When asked where to place the moved folder, select your DVD drive.

All UA program, database and auxiliary files will be written to a temporary file for transfer to the DVD disk. Although this may seem like a simple process, the sheer volume of data being transferred can take quite a while to transfer, so allow as much as an hour for your first backup. After that, you'll know how much time is required on your computer and can plan accordingly.

5) When the transfer is complete, click "Write these files to disk." When prompted, label the disk "UA" and be sure to include the current date. Write a corresponding label on the disk itself.

Alternately, if your tree structure allows, you may drag and drop the UA folder into the DVD image and click "Write these Files to Disk."

Restoring from your backup DVD

To restore your UA folder from the backup disk, repeat steps one through four, above, substituting the UA folder on your DVD disk as the source in step 2 and moving the files your computer's hard drive (usually C:\) as the destination in step 4. Be sure that you are moving the entire, unopened folder, not individual files.

Remember that all backups have a limited lifespan of up to two months, and a practical lifespan of a couple of
weeks. Beyond that, the time required to bring the files current will be prohibitive.

Alternate Backup Method

An alternate method of creating a backup UA before installing a new copy from a CD is to simply rename your UA folder UA2 (through the File menu). If you do this, your new software will install in a new directory. You'll start with a completely fresh slate, without benefit of previous settings and portfolios. You can still use the UA2 folder as a backup and storage place for files that you will transfer to the new UA folder.