Choosing a Reasonable Goal - Tutorial
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The "Choose Goal" screen displays, showing TSPE's suggestion for what might be a reasonable profit expectation based on your profit and loss entries. You can accept this value or not, and may wish to enter any value that reflects a reasonable reward that you are totally committed to achieve by risking your personal capital.

The suggested Profit Target is designed to, hopefully, obtain some separation of the various curves displayed on the forthcoming Capital Analysis display. Feel free to return to this screen by clicking the [Back] key to experiment with different goals. It is common for the user to move between the "Choose Goal" display and the "Show Capital Analysis" display in search of a feasible goal and time target. Multiple iterations may be necessary.

A nominal time target of ten (10) trades is suggested as a reasonable number of trades to consider before abandoning a pursuit of expected profit. The value entered will depend upon your patience in achieving success and the time it takes to consummate a trading round trip. Ten trades could take many months if average trade duration is lengthy. Please modify this input as you may see fit, but do not increase it beyond a reasonable threshold.

You should have a thorough understanding of probabilities before viewing the Capital Analysis chart.