Contract Size Multiplier - Tutorial
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The next screen has to do with the Contract Size Multiplier. It offers you a chance to use a TradeStation input file, a manual input file, or an ASCII input file that is not presented in dollar P&L terms.

Here you should enter the value TSPE would need to multiply the P&L stock or contract's tradeable units to convert those P&L units into dollar terms. For example, if your trading record represents profits and losses in cents per bushel, as in a 5000 bushel corn contract, you would show a multiplier of 5000. This would make a 1 cent profit or loss into a 5000 cent profit or loss or $50. Similarly, a 10 cent loss would represent a 50,000 cent ($500) loss. The multiplier in this example would be 5000. If profits and losses are expressed in dollars, the default multiplier would remain at 1.

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