Create/Open Position List
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Position Manager offers two ways to create a position list, both of which are found on the File menu as shown below. Each choice is explained here. Note that you can simply use the initial blank position list provided (called Default.DB) without creating a new position list, if desired.


New Position List - You can manually create a new, empty list by clicking "New Position List" from the File menu. You'll be asked to name your file. Type a meaningful file name that easily identifies this group of markets, such as RothIRA or FUTURES etc. Note that Position Manager will add the .DB extension to the filename, which reflects the Paradox DB file type. This is the only supported file type at this time. If more types become available, you may view them and learn the appropriate file extension by clicking the arrow at the right of the File Type box.

Your position file should be stored in the default folder, \UA\PositionLists.

Create a new list for each separate portfolio you wish to maintain.

You can either import or manually enter your positions into your new list.

Make New List From Open Positions - When you reach the end of your tax year, you should use this option to create a new position list containing only your open positions and end-of-year closed-only balance. If you do not do this, Position Manager will get slower as the years go by, and your capital gains report will have to be manually filtered by tax year.

Open Existing List - Click Position Manager's File menu and then click "Open Existing List" to open a list selection dialog. Navigate to the list of your choice, click it, and then click [OK].

Multiple Position Lists

Because some investors may trade multiple accounts or wish to assess groups of investments individually, Position Manager permits you to maintain multiple position lists with unique names. To create a new list, click "File" from the tool bar and then click "New Position List" from the drop-down menu. A "Save As" dialog will display. (Note that the "Default.DB" position list shown holds any positions you may have entered into the original screen.) You now have an opportunity to identify a unique name for your new list.

Once a list is established or selected, you should add records as described next.

Position List Limitations

Remember that intraday quotes are derived from third-party sources that provide free quotes. These outside sources may limit or bar your access if they feel you are abusing accessing privileges. Therefore, we recommend any position list that will be updated through the Internet hold no more than 100 markets, and that intraday valuations take place no more than three times daily.