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As described in detail in the Interpreted Studies chapter of this manual, UA lets you perform custom analysis through the Interpreted Studies feature. These custom studies can be incorporated into your portfolio for automated analysis each time you create charts or write export-format files from your portfolio list.

Custom studies are controlled through the "Code Editor" screen, which lets you select from and edit existing demonstration programs. These are included to supplement your market analysis and to serve as programming examples. This feature also allows you to program, test, edit and optimize your own custom studies.

To add a custom study to the market or group of markets you are currently selecting for your portfolio, check the "Custom" box (click it) under Post Processing on the Selecting Data Series screen. You'll find it in the lower right-hand corner, as shown:


When the "Custom" box is checked, the study named in the adjacent selection box will be automatically run for the selected portfolio item. This example shows Wilder's ADX (14-day), which is one of the included sample programs.

To select your custom study, click the [Ch] (change) button. The Code Editor screen displays showing programming code for the selected study, or the top study on the list if none has been chosen.


To view a list of available sample studies and other studies you may have added, click "Indicator From List" at the top of the screen.

A menu of study types will display. Choose one and then select the specific study form the list. Double-click your choice, which will be automatically inserted into the Code Editor Screen.

If you want to change a parameter, do so in the top window of the Code Editor screen. For example, ADX(14) indicates the ADX study with a 14-interval sample size. If you want to use a larger interval, say, 21 days, edit the prompt to look like this: ADX(21). Click [OK] at the bottom of the Code Editor screen when you are finished with your selection.

If you wish to modify the programming code or write and customize your own custom studies, please see the instructions in the Interpreted Studies chapter of this manual.

Click [OK] to enter your selected study. It will display on the Data Selection screen.

Once your preferences for Post Processing (if any) are recorded, check to make sure all the other entries are as desired.

When you are satisfied then click [OK] at the bottom of the Data Selection screen to record your portfolio entries.

Click here if you experience an error with your portfolio.

See the Manipulating Your Portfolio chapter for more information on UA's Portfolio features.