Deleting Rows
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MarketScanner allows you to manually delete stocks and futures from your scan file to remove them from your sorting and analysis exercises. To delete any issue (which occupies a table row) simply select any cell in that row and then click the Rows menu. Then select "Delete Selected."

To delete more than one row at a time, either hold down your keyboard's <Ctrl> key as you individually select stocks and/or futures with your mouse or, for those that are listed consecutively, click the first in the list to be deleted and then, while holding down the <Shift> key, click the last. When all desired rows have been selected, click the appropriate deletion option.

If you want to save a few issues and delete a large number, you might prefer to select those stocks and futures to be kept and click "Delete All But Selected" from the Rows menu.

Another option is to sort your markets by some meaningful criteria (just click the appropriate heading) and then select "Delete All But First N Rows." You'll be asked how many rows you wish to keep. Enter a value that preserves your desired rows.

Use "Select All" as needed.

You can restore the full list of stocks in your MarketScanner for consistency by clicking "Start Over" from the File menu.