Display Tips at Startup
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The "Tip of the Day" is a useful bit of information about Unfair Advantage that displays each time the software is launched. It is generated from a revolving list of topics, each intended to broaden your understanding and enjoyment of UA and the CSI Data Retrieval Service.

A tip displays like this:


Note that the "Show me another tip tomorrow" box is checked. If you don't want to see another tip, uncheck this box. You can control this feature through the "General UA Behavior 1" tab of General Program Settings (on the Preferences screen). There you can either click the "Display Tips at Startup" checkbox (check it) to turn the tips on or un-check the box to disable the tips file.

To view another tip now, click the [Next Tip] button.

Click [Close] to exit.

Refreshing the Tips File

CSI periodically updates the Tips File to correspond with the latest version of Unfair Advantage. This is usually maintained automatically, but if you would like to download the current Tips File to make sure you have the latest and greatest, go to the Database menu and click "Download Replacement Fact Files." From there, select "Get Tips for Latest Version" as shown below.


Click [Download] to get the replacement file. A message displays when the download is complete.