Editing Portfolio Settings
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Portfolio settings are defined during initial portfolio creation and may be edited at any time. The settings display automatically during portfolio creation and may be edited then. To edit later, click the Portfolio menu at the top of your UA screen, and then click "Edit Portfolio Settings" (second on list).

The main body of the portfolio creation screen is a series of tabbed pages where you can specify your desired portfolio settings. These come with a standard set of default selections that need not be modified to get started using UA.

Portfolio settings are:

·Back Adjuster  
·Raise Negative Series  
·Retrieving Cash Prices  
·Include Saturdays  
·Delete Expiring Contracts For Individual Futures Group  
·Historic Adjustment  
·Aggregate Files  
·CSI Format  
·CSIM/MS Format  
·ASCII File Names  
·ASCII Field Layout  
·ASCII Misc.  
·Rounding Ranging  
·Displaying Data  

Many of these settings are also available as Charting Preferences from UA's Preferences screen. Charting Preferences apply to charts that are made "from scratch," that is, those charts that are not listed in a portfolio.

Unfair Advantage will automatically rewrite export format files when adjustments are made to any of these settings that affect existing data files.

When you are satisfied with the content of your portfolio specifications, click [OK]. When creating a new portfolio, you will advance to a screen where you can select the content of your new portfolio. This process is described in the Adding/Editing Files chapter of this manual.

Note: UA only proceeds to the file selection screen during the initial setup of a new portfolio. After that, you can add files to the portfolio through the Portfolio Menu or through the Portfolio Manager panel.

This chapter explains each of these settings and describes how they affect your data.