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After you enter your parameter count, TSPE begins working on a profit frequency chart (shown below).

This chart is the simulated Frequency of Profits and Losses. In practice, you'll notice that the input P&L string has been somewhat degraded to account for the hindsight performance. This chart may be better understood by right clicking the mouse to increase (or decrease) the number of bins shown on the screen.


"Corrected P&L After Slippage" is the expected profit from the P&L trading record in the control file, less any necessary corrections for commission and slippage.

Click [Next] to proceed with the TSPE analysis.

Other options on this screen:

- Click [Print] to print the chart.
Back - Click [Back] if you want to go back and change your input.
Cancel - Click [Cancel] to exit.
Help - Click [Help] to reach the on-line manual.