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The Help Menu (at right above the toolbar), offers several helpful options:


·Help topics brings up the online UA manual, which you may read at your leisure or search for specific topics. The Introduction screen displays initially. If you would like to see the Table of Contents to get a better idea of what information is available, click the [Contents] button at the top of the screen. See the "Using the Online Manual" topic for further details.  

·What's This? allows you to view a brief description of the various menus and buttons within Unfair Advantage. Click the "What's This?" menu selection or the "What's This?" icon on the toolbar. Your cursor will be augmented with a question mark and arrow symbol. Move the cursor to the topic in question and click your mouse. A brief description will display.  

·API Manual brings up a Microsoft Word format document written by a CSI software engineer that includes technical specifications and instructions for using UA's compressed database outside the Unfair Advantage environment. See the Application Programming Int. API topic in this manual for more information about this feature.  

·Developer's Document displays a technical documents for programmers called "Programmers Guide to Unfair Advantage®."  

·Guided Tour is a brief walk-through of some basic Unfair Advantage applications. Click this selection to launch a separate document that describes Building a Portfolio, Daily Updates, SnapQuotes, Importing a Watch List, Charting, Adding Studies, Scanning and Screening, Unattended Data Retrieval and Analysis and Web-Based Analytics.  

·How-To Guide is a brief, but expanding list of questions and answers about using Unfair Advantage.  

·E-mail Your Question is a handy utility that launches your email composition window, already customized with the address of CSI's technical support and information about your Unfair Advantage account. Use this to send a question or comment to CSI.  

·Extend Your Promotional Window displays a form for entering a key code provided by CSI. This is used in rare situations as directed by CSI. The Technical Support Staff will advise you if this is ever necessary for your applications.  

·About Unfair Advantage displays information about your version of UA and available system resources. You may be asked to reference this screen by the CSI technical support staff. An example is shown here. Click [Close] to exit this screen.