Limitations for Trial Users
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Trading System Performance Evaluator is provided as a courtesy to UA subscribers who have paid the full Unfair Advantage license fee. All others may use TSPE a maximum of ten times on a trial basis.

If you have not paid the full UA license fee, you will be limited to 10 uses of TSPE. Don't waste them!

If you are a trial user of UA or if you have not paid the full UA license fee, your TSPE will become non-functional after ten uses. You may restore full TSPE capabilities by upgrading to a regular UA subscription. Contact CSI marketing for details at (561) 392-8663 or (800) 274-4727.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time.

TSPE requires an accurate accounting of the trading system you plan to evaluate, so please be sure your P&L string is available before launching TSPE.