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CSI has reached a significant milestone in the development of user-defined trading tools with the release of our updated MarketScannerä. CSI subscribers paying our modest data and licensing fees can now receive both quality data and quality software that lets you write your own trading systems.

Market screening through UA's MarketScanner lets you review perhaps 28,000 stocks, funds and indices, as well as all computed futures contracts on a daily basis, helping you to filter out unsuitable picks and focus on more promising investments. MarketScanner lets you add your own custom algorithms to sort and filter investment opportunities in the UA database. You can act on your analysis results directly, or make an initial selection for analysis with third-party software.

The use of UA's MarketScanner involves multiple processes.

1) The first process is the creation of the scan file called c:\ua\archives\stkscn.bin. This file holds all necessary information on the markets of your choice and your preferences. It is controlled through the "Scan Settings" screen, which is reached through the Preferences menu. The basic scan file can be sorted, filtered, printed or manipulated through a variety of options as described here. You can generate a fresh file at any time through MarketScanner or through UA's Database menu, or can set UA to automatically update the scan file with each daily update.

2) The creation of the Scan File results in a listing of selected markets and the availability of charts for each. The resulting charts have the full range of charting features offered through the standard Unfair Advantage charting module. Accessing them through MarketScanner relieves you of having to identify the desired markets, and allows you to set criteria for inclusion as described below.

3) The third part of the market scanning process involves selecting or defining the analysis algorithm and screening techniques to be applied to the scan file. This process is handled automatically through the Wizard or by inserting a column into the spreadsheet environment, which is covered in this chapter and, to some degree, in the "Interpreted Studies" chapter, and filtering. Optimization of results is also possible.

The MarketScanner is an alternate method of selecting stocks for charting through UA or third-party analysis. It can be used in lieu of a standard portfolio or in conjunction with one. The MarketScanner offers great flexibility in implementing user-defined studies created with your choice of Perl, Java Script, Visual Basic or Any Language programming languages(supplied).

Note that Personal and Private Use subscribers may be restricted in the number of futures markets or options analyzed through MarketScanner.

Start by Launching MarketScanner.