Optional Field Settings
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The Optional Field Setting tab on the Edit Portfolio Settings screen offers two options that affect UA charts and data files that are generated from a portfolio entry.


Retrieving Cash Prices

Retrieving cash prices is NOT RECOMMENDED! The cash price is available for most commodities in two ways: 1) as a single (closing) price in the same record as the open, high, low and close prices of the corresponding futures contract, as provided for here, and 2) as a separate record including the open, high, low and closing cash prices.

Check this box to include the single closing cash price along with the daily futures prices for every contract. This option adds considerably to data distribution time. A faster alternative is to add a "cash" contract for the selected commodities to your portfolio.

Note: When cash prices are included with futures in this way, nearest-future data for the underlying commodity may be substituted for cash at times when the cash price is not available. This would most likely occur for commodities that have a later start date for futures than for cash.

Include Saturdays

Also on the Cash/Saturdays tab (see above) of portfolio settings is the prompt for including Saturday data. The choice to "Retrieve Saturday Trading Data" applies only to ASCII files written by UA. Most world markets do not include Saturday trading data at this time, and few, if any, trading systems can process this information.

Check the box (click it) if any available Saturday data on file should be included in your exported ASCII files.