Overlay Data Chart
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An overlaid data chart is a chart placed in a window with another data series. The result is a single charting window that contains graphs of two price series simultaneously.

Two types of overlays are possible with Unfair Advantage:

·An overlaid price series, combining data from two active charts.  
·An overlaid industry or sector index, combining price data from a single active stock chart with its corresponding industry or sector index.  

Overlaid Price Series

To overlay a price series, produce a normal chart for each of the two series and position the charts. You may want to select "Tile" from the "Window" menu to fully display both charts, as shown below, but this is not necessary.

Click your mouse in the charting window you want to hold both charts to make it the active window.


Now click the "Chart" menu at the top of your UA screen, and then click "Overlay Data Chart" from the menu as shown:


You will be asked to select the data series with this form:


This form lists all currently active charts except the one in the active window. If your active chart is a stock, you will also be offered corresponding Industry and Sector Indexes (see below). Click your choice and then click [OK].

Overlaid Industry or Sector Index

As in the above example, when one or more stock series is charted, you may overlay its corresponding industry or sector index, even if those indexes have not been charted. To view the active stock chart with the index, make your choice of the index and click [OK]. The corresponding index is automatically chosen from CSI's Market Specs factsheets.

The Overlay Display

When one series is overlaid on another, both price series will display in the designated charting window, using a separate scale for each. You may have both charts share a common scale by clicking "Overlaid Price Series Shares Right Scale" on the Right-Click menu.

Here is an example of a Crude Oil Chart with a Natural Gas chart overlaid. Note that each uses a unique scale located on the color-coded scales on either side of the screen. You may have both charts share a common scale by clicking "Overlaid Price Series Shares Right Scale" on the right-click menu.