Portfolio Menu
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Your entire portfolio system, including the files within your portfolios can be controlled through the Portfolio menu (click to view).


Use this menu to:
·Create a new portfolio  
·Edit portfolio settings  
·Copy portfolio settings to a new portfolio  
·Copy portfolio to new portfolio  
·Delete portfolio and files  

·Replace Portfolio With Vendor Portfolio  
·Import Portfolio  
·Export Portfolio (to printer - same as Print File List)  
·Overwrite Portfolio with Backup Copy  

·Minimize Portfolio Manager (change the appearance of your screen for full charting)  
·Restore Portfolio Manager (restore screen to its presentation before Portfolio Manager was maximized or minimized)  
·Maximize Portfolio Manager (change the appearance of your screen for best functionality within Portfolio Manager)  

·Insert File/Files(add new series to your new or existing portfolio)  
·Edit file settings (change the properties of a portfolio item)  
·Rewrite file immediately (write an export format file to disk now)  
·Rewrite file on next distribution (write an export format file to disk later)  
·Delete File and Settings (remove an item from portfolio)  
·Chart Series (display as UA chart)  

·Find in Portfolio (use to locate a series on your portfolio list  
·Select All (select all portfolio items for next action)  
·Print File List (to make a hard copy listing of the selected portfolio)  
·Reset Widths and Placement (to return columns to original state)  

·Change Format (choose between chart, ASCII, MS, CSIM and CSI)  
·Change Period (make file/chart Daily, Weekly or Monthly intervals)  
·Enable/Disable Portfolios (select the portfolios that will be maintained automatically)  
·File Properties (view and edit specifications for the selected item)  

A very similar menu will display if you click on any item in a portfolio and then right-click your mouse. Use whichever method is most convenient for you.