Portfolio Selection
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When defining file export preferences, the first selection to make is the Portfolio.

The Portfolio listed in the box at the top of this panel is the one you are currently working with, or the last one you used.

·If the correct portfolio is shown, leave it as is.  
·If the correct portfolio is not listed, click the arrow beside the box and choose from the list of existing portfolios.  
·You may create a new portfolio to hold your files by clicking the [New] button. Refer to the Creating a Portfolio chapter for instructions.  

Remember that each portfolio has a corresponding data directory where all files are stored together.

All of your pre-selected Portfolio Settings, as arranged when the portfolio was created or edited through the "Edit Portfolio Settings" feature, will apply to your new contract or stock. See the "Editing Portfolio Settings" chapter for a review of these choices and their impact on your data files.

Next you'll select the desired file or formats for your data files. Choose from ASCII, CSI, CSIM or MS and Excel.

Be sure to complete the selections on the left portion of your screen dealing with contract selection before clicking [OK].