Position Manager
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Position Manager grew from an early plan to develop a module called "Trader's Accountant." Position Manager includes everything imagined for Trader's Accountant and more, but the new name better reflects the program's uses and applications. It is intended to help you stay abreast of your current market positions and valuations in the currency of your choice. It does not, as one might expect from an "Accountant" program, produce account records suitable for income tax filings or other financial reports.

The major functions of Position Manager are:

·To keep the trader apprised of stock* and/or futures trading account progress and performance, both historically and for daily assessment purposes by maintaining and updating lists of market positions.  

·To accommodate multi-national investments by seamlessly calculating values in the currency of choice, such as U.S. Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Yen, etc., regardless of the currencies used for reporting your various positions. You currency preferences are arranged through the "Settings" screen.  

·To offer an occasional or intermittant updates on the equity level for many markets throughout the trading day so that the trader can stay abreast of the value of investment accounts.  

Intraday updates are provided from the websites of third-party firms. These values are not guaranteed accurate. Intraday values are not added to your Unfair Advantage database archives, and are therefore not available for charting or manipulation.

Position Manager directs your browser to third-party websites that provide free intraday quotes, however some of these sites have security features that bar access by users they feel are abusing the priviledge. To avoid negative ramifications or disqualification from these sites, we recommend no more than a few intraday updates daily on no more than 100 markets. CSI does not guarantee access to any third-party site.

Overdoing your quote requests will cause service suspension triggered by your computer's unchangeable IP address. When this happens, this convenient delayed quoting capability is forever lost. To avoid permanent exclusion from donor sites, whenever there are more than 25 items being quoted in Position Manager, the automated update feature is disabled and intraday updates must be requested manually through the "Refresh" menu item.

CSI reserves the right to impose a surcharge for this service at a later date.

* The stock quotes provided typically reflect only certain electronic exchanges and may not represent the current best available price.

Begin by launching Position Manager.